Thursday, June 5, 2014

5-14-14 Ché Paraguayo‏

Hellos everyone!! Happy Mothers Day!!!!!! I know that it is not until Sunday, but Every day should be a great day for good ol´ mom. Right mom :D

This week was pretty good and I will let you guys in on what happen in just a bit. 

El viaje al templo: We went to the temple this week in Paraguay. It was a pretty short trip now that I'm here in Asuncion, but it was excellent. I sent some pictures to you all of the temple and some of the missionaries I was there with. The Elder who is my companion is the Elder who is about the same height as me and that is American, his name is Elder Peterson and he is excellent. We are doing tons of stuff together and we are enjoying the ride. He is the lucky Elder that will be with me when I hit the half way mark. Every time he hears a plane he tells me how long I have left until I'm done, which is really bad but we just kinda laugh it off. I don't want to leave, it is not my time yet. I learned a lot when I was in the temple and especially I learned about the importance of the plan of salvation. The reason why missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints invite people to be baptized is so that they can know about the plan of happiness that God has given us so that they can find it and not only find it but receive the happiness that God has promised us. I like seeing people happy and I know that getting baptized will help them be happier, then these people will have the opportunity to do other covenants with god so that they are even more happy. Everything God has done is so that we can be happy and it is kinda cool.

Stake Conference: We had stake conference this weekend and it was awesome and they had a really cool presentation about missionary work, which involved 4 teenagers. There was a 16 year old kid in one of the wards in the stake where I'm serving who is a member and he shared the gospel with his friend. His friend ended up being baptized and was baptized about 1 year ago. The friend shared the gospel with a different friend who ended up getting baptized too and he got baptized 6 months ago. Then the kid who got baptized 6 months ago shared the gospel with another friend who got baptized 2 months ago. It is amazing to see the chain that was shown here when one kid shared the gospel. The first kid decided to share the gospel with his friend and as a result 3 people got baptized. If you are a member reading this I invite you to share the gospel like these young valiant men and the Lord will bless your life and if you are not a member yet I invite you to research and talk with the missionaries and listen to the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

WE are still looking for a house here too but we think that we might have found one. It isn't much of a house, it is more like a giant room with a bathroom. I will let you know what happens.

I love you guys and I got to go. I will be skyping the good old family this week and hopefully that will be extraordinarily awesome and I am very excited.

Elder Jessop

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