Thursday, June 5, 2014

5-21-14 Week: Paraguay‏

Hey everyone! I'm here writing to you guys from a computer....
My legs really itch because I just got 3 or 4 bug bites, but I'm going to tell you all what happened in my life last week. 

Compras: I took a picture of all the things that I buy every week and I sent it. I buy all that food from the picture in 1 week. 5 liters of milk and yogurt, fat free and sugar free. 7 apples and pears. 12 bananas. 1 pound of peanuts. 2 chicken breasts. Half a pound of meat. 12 eggs, 7 tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and carrots. That's about it. We usually have lunch with members too. So now my mom knows that I'm eating just fine :)

Independence Day: May 13th was independence day for the Paraguayans. It was a pretty normal day actually and it is nothing like the 4th of July in the States, but they were pretty happy that there was no work.

Mothers Day: I got to Skype my family last Sunday!!!! That was really fun and uplifting. Mothers day here though is the day after independence day and I got to eat Asado, which is like the most expensive/popular meat here in Paraguay. It was way good. This weekend we were basically spoiled food wise. Friday a family made us American hamburgers which were really good. Saturday we ate excellent as well. Sunday too. It is not the healthiest food but it sure does taste good. 

Friendly Box: I got a box full of stuff from a family member. My dads cousin the Kearney's. I want to say thank you very much to the Kearney's and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Wedding!!!!: I got to be a witness in a wedding. Here when you want to get married you have to have 4 witnesses and on Saturday I was one of the witnesses of a marriage. The girl Maria got married and then baptized right after the marriage and my companion got to baptize her and that was a great day!! I sent a ton of pictures and I hope that you enjoy them!!! 

I love you all and I appreciate your prayers and love. The time is flying by, but I still have work to do here in Paraguay and people to baptize! Mateo 28:19!!!!!

Have a great week!!!

Elder Jessop

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