Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Couple Days in the MTC‏

Hey everybody, I've got ten minutes to write this just so you all know. 
A lot has happened this week. I'll just go through the last I guess.

My Birthday: It was my birthday this week. I am 19 whoot whoot. That's a big number. I'm almost two decades old. My old district made me a really sweet card. I want to send it home so it doesn't get ruined but I don't know how. They sang happy birthday to me three times and it was just a nice day. First time without the family on my birthday, but I have my own little family here that took care of me. It was really funny because they started singing to me and I forgot that it was my birthday so I was surprised and then I remembered. It was funny.

Blood Sausage: I ate a blood sausage. It was not good at all. I better get used to that kinda of stuff though.

The Broadcast about missionary work: Sweet broadcast about missionary work. The apostles spoke and basically said that we need to update missionary work to the way technology is changing. In a little while missionaries can have Facebook and teach people off of iPads and stuff like that. That is kinda cool. I probably won't use it because I am going to the poorest country in South America, but that is still awesome.

I leave the MTC on Tuesday which is kinda crazy. I feel like I haven't been here that long. I head to Paraguay and start getting to work. It is going to be awesome and I cant wait. I met a lot of great people and they have all affected me in a positive way. I have learned a lot and I have grown a lot. I could go home now and I would be totally different person. Anyways I love you all and I hope you enjoy the pictures and the updates and stuff. I appreciate the emails and letters. They make my day.

Yo se que la iglesia de JesuCristo es verdadero y amo trabajador para Dios y yo no espero ir a Paraguay en cuatro dias. mi espaƱol es dando mejor y lo amo la idioma.
Elder Jessop

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Been a Month‏ Already

Hey Everybody, I hope all is well. I've been here a month and it's gone by pretty fast in my opinion. The days are so long that I don't even remember them sometimes. I love it here though, it's been very fun. A lot of change has happened though. I'm in a new district now and I lost a companion because he got switched and my teacher left. I'm tired a lot because the days are so long.
Elder Katzenbach: Is no longer my companion. Now its just me and Elder Huntsman. Its really weird because we are still in the same room and district, but we are no longer companions. I don't have to wait for him or do anything with him, but we still have fun.
I can honestly barely even remember what happened last week. It just all kind of blends together.
I got a new district though. They separated us because there were to many people and not enough space on the computers, so we got switched. A lot of change has happened to me and my companion in particular.
I've only got two weeks left in this MTC and then I'm off to Paraguay.
Hannah Jessop: Hi twin of mine, today is June 20th. That means tomorrow is June 21st and you know what that means. It's your Birthday!!!  Yippee  Wa hooooooh. The big 19. You have almost been alive for 2 decades. Yea I hope you have a good one. You've spent 18 years sharing one with me, so now you are on your own sis. Keep working hard and studying. It will pay off big time. Any ways Love you sis. Virtual hug through the computer.
If you all might have been wondering it is my birthday tomorrow too. Big party going down at the MTC.... jk.
Update on the head injury: I just have a black eye now, A nice little shiner. Its like I got punched in the face by a guy on the street I was proselyting too. I didn't though, so don't worry. I did see one guy with a gun shooting things on the street though last Saturday. Like walls,cans and stuff. That was interesting, It was just a BB gun though. No worries.
I love you all and I'm thinking about you. Stay in touch. 
I know this church is true and I know that I'm here on this mission for a reason. I love serving and I love being a disciple for Jesus Christ. I know the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the word of God and they go hand and hand together in testifying of Christ. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and I know that there is a living prophet and apostles on the Earth today. I know that these things are true and that Christ lives and that his restored church is on the Earth today.
Elder Jessop

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 3 Was Crazy!

Hi everybody. I´m doing good and Some crazy things happened to me this week. I was unconscious, I had to speak Spanish to actual people in Argentina, and my companion has 300 dollars worth of American candy, which is like gold out here.

The Suitcase: My roommate has a brother that is just starting his mission and came here to the MTC two weeks after him and brought a suitcase full of candy and gave his half to his brother and kept the other half for himself. The candy was the most candy I have ever seen in my life. It was a carry on full of candy more than you could think of. It is ridiculous. He is already gaining weight from it. I asked his brother how much it cost and he said it was upwards of 300 dollars. Who spends 300 dollars on candy!!!!!! 300 dollars. I can do a lot with 300 dollars and my companion has 300 dollars worth of candy out here. It is insane.

Proselytismo: We do this thing out here called Proselytismo, where we go out and proselyte to real people in the streets of Argentina while we are in the MTC. They gave us a sack lunch and put us on a bus drove us to the middle of Argentina and dropped us off and told us to be back in that spot in 5 hours and they gave us a map. At first we didn't know what to do. It is a culture shock compared to California. It is poor and heartbreaking. There are literally dogs everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! I probably saw 300 dogs in 5 hours roaming the streets. The people are poor, there are abandoned street projects everywhere. The trash pick up is, a horse, two guys, and a giant sack strapped to the horse. I probably saw three drug deals, while I was out there. All the houses are gated off, so it is really hard to get into the houses and knock on the door because there is a gate. I was talking to a guy in Spanish from his window because he didn't want to come out and talk to us. It was hard. Especially speaking Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish, then the best way to do is to be put in an environment where you don't have a choice and you have to speak Spanish, which is what we did. I've been out here three weeks and I could actually communicate and understand what people were saying to me and it was awesome. We do it again this Saturday and hopefully we do a better job.

The Pole: We were playing football during actividad fisica and low and behold I ran into a pole. Running full speed trying to catch and football. I don't remember anything. Hahaha yea it was pretty dumb. Everybody thought I was going to die and I made some girl cry on accident, but I hit the pole and I was literally out. I don't remember anything until I was being walked into the Presidents office and there were a bunch of people there. I have a huge bump on my head and it is spreading and now it is just a bruise. I don't have a concussion though, which is good but now I cant play basketball because the missionaries won't let me until next week. I'm lucky I am OK though and it definitely could have been worse. :)

Katie C :Thank you for writing me a letter! I sincerely appreciate it! I read it and I'm glad every one is doing well! Love you all so much.

My experiences here have already been awesome. I love it here and I am so glad that I am a missionary for Jesus Christ to spread his gospel. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I went out proselyting. The middle of Argentina, basically on the border of a 2nd or 3rd world country. There is no place else I would rather be than on a mission. Yea it is two years, but it will be worth it. In fact it already has been. While I will experience tons of rejection and sadness for the next two years, the times of good and happiness will much out way the bad times. I have been following all the rules and waking up and 6:30 am and going to bed at 10:30 pm and have just been loving it. It is only been 3 weeks and I have two years, but I will be done before I know it and the time will fly by. I love each and every one of you and I am so grateful for your support and for your love. Keep it real and don't forget to write or Email me Por Fa Vor.

Elder Jessop

Friday, June 7, 2013

Greetings from Argentina, it has been a fun two weeks. Stressfull, but fun.

Flying By: This week has gone by pretty fast. A lot has been done with no time at all to do them, for example I only have an hour to write emails. Only an hour! (1) I feel like I need at least three. Everything is going well though
Missionaries, or Lack There of: This week a lot of missionaries left the MTC to go on the mission and we only had 36 kids left here and it was empty. There was literally nobody here and it was weird. We had 91 and now we have only 36. We get new ones today though and we will be back up to I think over 50 missionaries. It is definately not like the Provo MTC.
Companion Stories: My companion Elder Huntsman cut his hand on a hook and needed 35 to 40 sticthes which is ALOT. That dummy was just swinging on stuff and he caught a hook and thats about it. Speaking of my companions they really like to stay up and play games haha. We will be in bed at night and they just wont go to sleep, but they told me last night that they are going to go to bed on time every night now, which is GREAT!
No Sleep: I am tired all the time. I get like 7 and a half hours of sleep every night and we are in class like all day and I am always tired. I dont know how I have been staying awake in class, but I havent fallen asleep once and that is good.
Argentina is beautiful. There are dogs and cats everywhere. We actually feed a cat named gato and he comes to be fed every breakfast, lunch and dinner. He knows the times of the day that we eat and he is always there.
Ive cried a lot since I have been here. Like happy cry and for those of you who know me you all know that I cry, but it is really easy to cry because you feel so good.
Mckenna Smith: Congratulations on your mission call!!!!!!!!!!!! Billings, Montana I hear! That is so awesome. On one of the flights down here we met a companionship who served the first part of their missions in Billings and they absolutely loved it! You are going to love it and I wish you all the luck in the world! Love you girl.
Anyways I've got a lot to do today like iron shirts, clean my room, play soccer, and all that jazz. I hope to here from you all soon. Email or letters whatever it may be. Good luck on everything and I love you all.

Elder Jessop