Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-18-14 Week 6 of Change 10. Woah!!

Hello Family and Friends!!! I did some cool things this week and I sent pictures!!! Hope you all enjoy them. Life is going good, fast, and fun. There was a baptism this week!! Wo hoooAh!! The guys name is Damien and I will tell you guys about him and about everything that I did this week!

Monday: We had our district activity on Monday and we did a couple of things. First we played soccer and it was awesome!! I've really grown to love soccer. Everyone plays it here. I have seen like 2 basketballs and one football in my whole mission. Soccer, Soccer, Soccer! SO we played soccer and then after we played ultimate Frisbee (thanks mom and dad for the Frisbee). Ultimate missionary Frisbee is pretty cool. It is like normal ultimate Frisbee, but with missionaries. We then proceeded to go eat something called a Lomito Arabe which was very delicious and after that we went to eat ice cream. That was our district activity and it was awesome.

Tuesday: We had lunch with one of our investigators on Tuesday who is a chef. His name is Isaiah's and he has one leg. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and is trying to move on from it. He is absolutely awesome and ready for the gospel. We went to his house and we made him cordon bleu. It was really awesome and spiritual. Basically he told us his life story and the next step is getting him to church so that he can get baptized too.

Wednesday: I found dead chicken. There is a women in my ward here that sells chicken. What she does is she takes the guts out, puts the chicken in a bag, and takes to her work the next day to sell it. We went to her house and had the opportunity to help her. I have never seen so many dead chickens in my life! Elder Hampton is used to it because he has a farm, but I grew up in a different part of town lets just leave it at that! Yeah for Los Angeles!! So we gutted chickens and it was a very fun experience.

Thursday: I had a division with a missionary named Elder Estigarribia. He is from Paraguay and is in an area right now that is 1 hour from his house haha. That is like if I was serving in Ventura California being from Los Angeles California. He goes home in February and is a convert and is awesome. We had some fun, it was a rough day because it was a day before a holiday and everyone was preparing for the holiday, but our efforts were not in vain because they have an investigator that will get baptized in 2 weeks!

Friday: We had two very spiritual lessons that I would like to share. We had one lesson with the Rivas family and another with the Salguiero family. 7 investigators in total. We taught the Restoration the the Riva's family and taught the plan of salvation to the Salguiero family. They were very spiritual and I will let you guys know more about them.

Saturday: I baptized someone on Saturday named Damien. He is 20 and awesome!!!!! We had a very espiritual baptism interview and he chose me to  baptize him!! 

Gotta go. Love you all Have a great week!!

Elder Jessop

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8-11-14 Miracle Week!!

Hello Friends and Family, this week was pretty crazy. We literally didn't work at all because we had so much stuff to do, but we did what we could and the Lord did the rest. I would like to help you guys smell what I'm stepping in.....(this is what Elder Hampton tells me when he understands what I say..) I am actually stepping in quite a bit of mud, rocks and water (baptisms!!!) It is a good thing that my last companion left me a pair of shoes because the other two I have a pretty destroyed (mom my shoes will last me I promise :D)

Tuesday: We had our Zone capcitation on Tuesday and Elder Hampton and I presented it.We talked a lot about goals and how the goals we make here in the mission will help us make goals after and then we got to the spiritual part. We are working hard as a mission on our formality. Actually looking like representatives of Jesus Christ. White shirts (which is hard when Paraguayans wash your clothes by hand haha), clean shoes (for all the new missionaries :D), firm handshakes, the proper way to direct yourself to others, and stuff like that. It was awesome to be honest and we all committed ourselves to doing it. Then we had an activity at the end and told everything to close their eyes. We played the song I'm trying to be like Jesus (the primary one) and told the missionaries that we were going to show them a mirror and they were going to see themselves in the mirror. Instead of showing the mirror we showed a picture of Jesus Christ and that got us all thinking. Are we really striving to be like Jesus Christ. Am I really striving to be like him? I thought about it for a long time, studied about it, prayed about it, and I feel the point of the mission is to help us become like him. I really feel like I'm trying and I'm super happy because of it. 

Wednesday: I did a division with Elder Mejia in our zone. We both served in Paraguari and we talked all about it. One of the people I baptized went to Spain to go work! She wrote me a letter to say goodbye and said that she would get in contact with me on Face Book... Elder Mejia is from Columbia and goes home next March. It is coming up fast.

Thursday: We had interviews with the Mission President!! Elder Hampton went first and then I went second. I learned that through the grace of God we can be saved, that after doing all we can and even though we are going to fall short, the atonement makes up for the rest. That helped me a ton and then the assistants showed us a video about how Jesus Christ makes everything possible. Through Jesus Christ we can be happy, we can have joy, and can receive our salvation. Only because of him. Then we did Weekly Planning and had a miracle on Sunday. That night we had our Ward fun night and we had a ton of investigators come. They really wanted to play soccer and we hope that they can come to church too!

Friday: One thing that really stood out Friday was that we had a family home evening with one of our investigator families and with a member family. The investigator family the the Slaguieros and the member family is Davalos. We watched the Restoration and the kids committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know that it is true. The parents of the Salguieros are members and we are helping to reactivate the family and help the kids get baptized. We then played a game where we opened candy bars with spoons and forks. IT WAS SO FUN! I ate a lot of candy :DDD

Saturday: There was a baptism on Saturday of a girl named Miguela. For some reason my photos are not loading to the computer so I cant send any pictures, but there is always next week. This girl is 10 and her dad is a member that got baptized in Paraguari a long time ago. He is way cool and he is coming back to church and the daughter got baptized on Saturday

Sunday: By far the best day of the week! Tons of miracles happened today!! We had  8 investigators come to church!!! It was a miracle. The Salquiero family came after having not come for over 10 years and a girl named Julieta came to, who will hopefully get baptized this Saturday and then 4 other teenagers came who went to the Ward Activity Night on Thursday. We are helping them too. We are seeing a lot of miracles in our area and thanks to faith the Lord has blessed us quite a lot. 

I love being a missionary. The days go by faster and faster. Every Monday I say to my companion, "How is it Monday already?". Before I know it it will be done, but the work doesn't finish with the mission. It keeps going and becomes greater! Being a missionary is awesome. I'm happy and I love serving the Lord here. 

Love you all!

Elder Jessop

Thursday, August 14, 2014

8-4-14 Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Supermissionary

Hello Family and Friends! Thank you all for the letters and thank you all for the support! I'll now write about my week, or try too at least. Every single Monday I come to the computer desk and I think about what happened and it literally just blurs together, but luckily I have an agenda!!! I will try and tell you what happened last week according to my agenda. Events, Spiritual Experiences, People that I have met, cosas así. 

Martes: We had our district meeting today and we decided to go to the district meeting in Reducto, which is a place in our Zone. The district leader is a Colombian named Elder Vanegas who goes home in October. We went there and it was awesome. I learned that the importance of the spirit can´t be substituted for anything else. A testimony can´t be bought, sold, taught, or given. A testimony is something earned and something that requires work and something that makes us who we are. I have a testimony that the church is true and I act according to that testimony and when I share it I can help other people feel the spirit so that they can receive their own testimony. ALWAYS SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! That's what I learned :-). Later that same day we had a lesson with a family of 3 and I tried applying what I learned in the district meeting and I shared my testimony and later invited the 3 to be baptized and they accepted a baptism date!! They are named Carlos, Rueben, and Graciela. We hope to see tons of progress with them ITS BAPTISM TIME!!

Miércoles: Wednesday we went to Asuncion because I went to the dentist. I went to the dentist because my teeth hurt really bad and it so happens that my wisdom teeth are growing in an pain is normal. She said that it is like being a baby and your teeth grow in! I guess I am a baby now. I don't have to get them taken out for now luckily! I was scared. I also learned this day that we don't have to wait for blessings that the Lord has promised us. We can receive them now! We just need to act and work and they will come. We don't have to wait passively for blessings, but we can receive them daily if we work actively in the Lords work. 

Jueves: We had the Noche de Barrio on Thursday and I don't remember the word in English but the translated word is ward night. We had an investigator come too!! Her name was Belen and she has 16 years and she brought her cousin. She has had it hard recently because her dad recently passed away. We shared with her about the Plan of Salvation and we invited her to read the pamphlet and we invited her to church. We really feel like she is ready for the gospel and that the atonement of Jesus Christ can heal her pain. She will be baptized shortly. I also did a baptism interview of a girl named Michelle that is an investigator of the Elders in Reducto! She passed and she will get baptized Saturday!

Viernes: I did a division with the other district leader of my district named Elder Guitarra. He is from Ecuador and he has been in the mission since January. He is awesome and they will be baptizing a girl this Saturday named Michaela!! I'm supper stocked for that and she came to church Sunday!! That was a great division!

Sábado: Saturday there were 5 baptisms in my Zone!! A family of 4 and the girl Michelle!

Domingo: Sunday is always the best day. It was fast Sunday today and it was a very great day at church! I really felt good and I want to invite everyone to church. A lady told us the other day that church wasn't important that you didn't need to go and we testified to her that it was and that we really need to go to church to renew our covenants and be happy. I'm happy and I love going to church. God fulfills with his promised blessings!

I'm doing pretty good. I love it here I'm doing awesome. I'm happy and I've been here for a long time now but there are still more people here in Paraguay that I have to help receive the restored gospel and be baptized!!! Keep me in your prayers and the people I teach in your prayers too please! I will try to take more pictures haha.

Elder Jessop

Thursday, August 7, 2014

7-28-14 Week # ? (I lost count)

Hello everyone!!!!! Elder Jessop is back in business here on this computer & chair in good ol´ San Lorenzo Paraguay. This Internet cafe where I'm at is named Germany. Like the country. It's awesome, especially because Germany won the world cup. There are a lot of German descendants here that look like me. Literally every time I see a white person with blond hair I'm just in shock, but there are several that I've seen here. This week was spiritually full filling and awesome! I'm tired, but that is very normal! Carry on, carry on, carry on!!

We are finding a ton of people here in San Lorenzo. We had like 17 new investigators last week and quite a few have committed to being baptized on a certain date in August. We decided to fast to find people as a Zone because we were struggling to find new investigators and the fast definitely worked because our prayers were answered. Yeah for Fasts!! WE found several people that had already been to church, but had lost contact with the missionaries because they had to travel or both missionaries were changed or something like that. We met a girl named Luisa who has a son that is a member named Mario. He is pretty awesome and Luisa is inches away from being baptized. She almost got baptized on Saturday but she has a couple doubts, but she did tell us that the only thing left she had to do in her life to be with God was to be baptized, so I think that we are seeing progress at least! We also found a man named Helmyr Velazques who was about to get baptized but had to travel urgently to a city called Ciudad del Este and he was there for over a year and then he traveled again to Concepcion and he just got back to San Lorenzo two months ago and we found him. He committed to going to church and getting baptized on August 9th. We pray to see progress with him. Those are just 2 of our investigators that are progressing and the rest will all be baptized and be cleaned of their sins in the current weeks!!

Today we had a leadership meeting and it was very spiritual. I learned the importance of making goals in the mission will help me make goals for my life after the mission and help me keep progressing in the way that the Lord needs me too. His goals should be my goals is what I learned. I also learned that I need to always love so that I can help people feel the pure love of God. LOVE IS AWESOME!! It was makes the variety of life :DDD

I'm happy. I'm tired and it's awesome!! My letter isn't that good today because I didn't have time to write down what I wanted to write, but I am happy. I am doing well. Time is going by to fast. I love this place. My companion is awesome. I'm happy and I couldn't imagine anything better. Some people might think that missionaries are crazy. Leave everything behind for 2 years and leave the house to go preach something we believe might sound silly and a waste of time, but I have never felt more joy in my life than the joy that I have felt here in my mission among the children of God here in Paraguay. It is by far the best decision I have ever made. The sacrifices that I have made have helped me become a better person. They are not even sacrifices because I have received so many blessing from God. It is way hard, don't get me wrong. My life has never been so hard, tiring, sad when people don't come to church or have the desires to repent, or heart wrenching, but at the same time I have never felt such love, joy, and happiness. It is awesome and hard to explain.

Amanda and Hannah Jessop: I hope you are both going to church with mom and dad. Keep preparing yourselves to go into the temple with us when I get home!! Love you both my sweet sisters! :)

The church is true. It is perfect. I know it with all my heart. I love you all and I mean it.

Elder Jessop

Saturday, August 2, 2014

7-21-14 The Pure Love of Jesus Christ

Hello Friends and Family. Thank you so much for the letters and love. Today is July 21st, 2014. I have a new companion, I stayed in my area, we had investigators go to church, I learned about the importance of the Atonement. It was a very good week and I feel happy and that is how I think I should feel.

CCM: This Saturday we had something called a CCM. It is like a mini MTC (Missionary Training Center) for teenagers of the stake where I'm serving. It was pretty awesome. What we did is we went out into an area in the stake called Posta Mybcua. I am not sure what the name means but it is something in Guarani which has to do with the famous wars in Paraguay that happened almost 200 years ago. Anyways we all went there, two Zones in the mission and it was awesome. There were 6 wards and 2 branches and we literally got in groups and we went out and visited people. I went out with my companion and two young men of the stake. One was named Gustavo and he is 12 and the other was named Javier and he is 16 and they are both preparing to go on missions when they reach the age of 18. We went out and we walked to our area and we got kicked out of a house….haha. I clapped at the door and walked in the the man told me to go next door and we went next door and the guy came out and kicked us off his property. He said a lot of bad words in Guarani. Yea that happens in the mission and it wasn´t the first and it wont be the last. It happened top Jesus Christ too so it was very easy to get over. We did end up teaching a wonderful lady named Maria who is preparing to be baptized this Saturday and honestly Saturday probably was the first and last day I will see her. I learned that day that the things we do in our lives have eternal consequences. 
It was a very wonderful experience. 

Santiago and Guadalupe: Siblings went to church this Sunday. It was excellent. We walked to there house and Santiago thought we weren't going to come because he was already ready to go!! It was awesome and they loved church. I will be updating their progress as the time goes. 

Elder Hampton: I have a new companion named Elder Hampton. He is from Lehi, Utah and people think that we are brothers because we both look the same and we have the same name (Elder) I can't count on 2 hands how many times I had to explain the word Elder last week haha.

I have been learning a lot about Jesus Christ recently and really trying to get to know him and understanding who he really is and what he really did for us. The more I learn about him, the more desires I have to be like him. Everything he did was because he loved us. I hope I can develop that love for everyone just like he did. I'm learning so much and trying to be the best I can be. Through the Atonement I'm achieving that desire.

Thank you for your love and support. Until next week.

Elder Jessop