Friday, July 25, 2014

7-14-14 The Powerful Function of The Holy Ghost

Hello Family and Friends!! We have changes in two days and I'll be getting a new companion because Elder Villar is now finishing his mission and he will be going back to Chile this Wednesday. I'll be letting you all know who my new companion is next Monday. I'll give you guys a hint of who it might be. It will be an American, or a Latin. That's all I got.

This last Tuesday we had our Capacitación de Zona and it was my first one where I actually taught the missionaries about what our Mission President wants us all to know. We learned about the importance of developing talents in every aspect of our life and the importance of using them so that we don't lose them. We read in the scriptures about the parable of the talents and how it doesn't matter how many talents we have, nor how many talents we develop in our lives as long as we develop them. In the same parable there is a man who is given a talent and he hides it from the world, so that he doesn't loose it. The Lord then chastises him for not having develop his talents and he takes his talent away from him and gives it to the man with 10 talents. The point is that we can develop our talents in any circumstance and we should develop them and if we do, we will be able to enter into the fold of the Lord and be one of his worthy servants. May we all develop our talents so that God will accept us and bless us with more. 

We had quite a few activities in the ward this week because we had our ward conference. Tuesday we had a Paraguayan food night (SOOO GOOOD) and we played a ton of sports and games. 
The missionaries and I just watched and ate but it was very fun. Thursday we had some activities and we did a scripture chase, kids verses adults. Unfortunately I had to go with the adults.... It was really fun and we learned the importance of enduring to the end so that we may partake of the greatest blessing that God has given us, eternal life. Saturday we had an activity where we basically learned of the origin of the Ward and its construction. It's a very new ward and it isn't even 10 years old. It has been a real blessing to be here. I sent a picture of the members that were there in one of the activities. 

I learned a ton this week of the importance of the spirit and how we cant do nothing without it, or we will not be doing the will of God. When we have the spirit we are guided by the hand of God and he can then use us as his instruments, but if we don't have the Spirit, he can't use us. That is why we don't watch TV, listen to worldly music, and do other worldly things. Not that those things are bad, but they make the Spirit go away. I love the Spirit and it has really made my life much more happy.

I've really tried to change and be more like Christ. It is very hard sometimes to understand my divine perspective and how I can be like him some day when I am so imperfect. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can be like him one day and I will be. I'm trying to do my best and I hope that my God will be happy with me in the end. I am happy, blessed and I feel the love of the Lord daily. I hope to share that with others. May you all feel Gods love and recognize his hand in your lives. May he bless you all with happiness and peace.

Elder Jessop

Friday, July 18, 2014

7-7-2014 Jaha Ñapymi Kuera‏!!!

  • Hi Family and Friends. Not going to lie, every day I realize that I have a day less to go in Paraguay. Gotta make it last right. I just can´t stop thinking about how happy I am. I am just so happy all the time. If you are not happy, you might want to change something in your life in order to be happy because being happy is absolutely awesome. This week was fast and a lot of miracles happened and it rained again. I'm starting to have memories again of the last winter in Paraguay that I had. Rain, rain, and more rain. Awesome life of a missionary.

  • Miopía: I found out the other day that I have a miopia. I'm still not sure if that is a Spanish, an English word, or a crazy word that only the doctors use, but in English it means that I am short sighted, which means that in my right eye I can't see from far away. That doesn't make a lot of sense, but that is what they said and I'm going with it. That's why I am using glasses now. My head finally adjusted to having to wear glasses and I am finally used to them. I had my cat scan too and I don't have any brain damage, so I am 100 percent sure that the bump I got in the MTC a year ago is not the culprit for the lose of eye sight. The cat scan was nuts. They trapped me in a machine and I laid there for 30 minutes. Technology these days.

  • Divisions: I did divisions this week with an Elder from Utah. He is working in the smallest area in the mission. It is 16 by like 12 blocks. It is really small and I learned about the importance of testifying about everything. I have really seen a growth in my testimony of the church since I have left. Just one of the blessings of the mission.

  • Companion: My companion, Elder Villar, is going home to his house in Chile in 1 week. I have really been thinking a lot about how little time I have. That the mission passes by really fast. 2 years is nothing in comparison to a lifetime or the eternities. I really feel like my time has gone by really fast. It is difficult to understand. Other missionaries know how I feel. I've got 10 months left and I am enjoying it the best that I can. I love being a missionary and even though it is short, a person never has to stop being a missionary. We can always share the gospel with whoever, whenever, and wherever. I love sharing the gospel. It makes me happy and that is enough for me and I know it is enough for my Heavenly Father.

Elder Jessop

Thursday, July 10, 2014

6/30/14 - They Joys of The Gospel of Jesus Christ‏!

Hello Family and Friends. Elder Jessop has thought a lot this week and now I am thinking how I really shouldn't talk in 3rd person. A lot of things happened this week and I'd like to share them with you. I will start with a couple things, but first I would like to say that you are loved and that Our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of you.

Rain: It rained SO MUCH this week. I sent some photos to depict the rivers in the street. It rained a ton. I had to take off my shoes to walk across the street because the water went up to my knees. That was fun. That is a little problem with Paraguay. When it rains there are floods everywhere because the sewage system doesn't really work very well here. There were many things that we had to do in the rain too, but everything that we needed to do got accomplished. 

Glasses: You may not be able to recognize me from the photos, but I'm now wearing glasses. Yup I have gone from nerd to even more nerdy, but that's OK. The glasses fit well. My eyes are still not used to them, but they do work and I do see better. My head kinda hurts, but I have asked every person that has glasses why and they tell me that my head hurts because my eyes have to adjust to the glasses. Let me know how I look with glasses. If I look like a fool you can tell me too that's OK, but if I look OK that would be great. I have never worn glasses before and I wasn't really sure what to buy but the the glasses seem to work. I'm happy with them.

Animals: I met two new animals this week. Monday, after the district activity I met a Tucan and Friday after a baptism interview I met an owl. I sent respective pictures, but IT WAS SO COOL!! 

District Activity: In our district there are 4 Elders and 4 Sisters and we played, soccer, basketball, and that's it. It was really fun and it was a nice stress reliever. 

Consejo de Lideres: I went to my first leader meeting as a Zone Leader and it is a monthly meeting that we have with the Mission President and the assistants. We learned a ton and we have to give all the info that we learned in the meeting to the Elders in the Zone. I sent some pictures from the meeting. The picture with the Elders are all the Elders that came to the mission in the same day. I remember meeting some of them in the airport. We have been in the mission for a while now..

I have learned a lot this month about the joys of teaching people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings that come through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I've been blessed richly by the Lord and I have had amazing opportunities to bless the lives of many other people through the gospel and through the healing powers of the Atonement. I have felt the love of God in my life and it is my desire to help others feel his love too. I love the Atonement and there is no joy greater that I have felt in my life than the joy I have seen here as the people I have met have learned about the Atonement, accepted it, and were cleansed by it. Jesus loves each one of us. I have felt it and I am happy that I can help others feel it too.

Elder Jessop

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6-23-14 Arnaldo!‏

Hello everyone. I'm Elder Jessop and I'm no longer a teenager. 

I turned a wopping 20 years old on Saturday. We celebrated with a baptism!! A young man got marrried and baptized on Saturday named Arnaldo. Even though the cake was for him and his wedding I considered it as my birthday cake haha. That was a great day on Saturday. I can´t forget either that there are 2 of us. 

Gemelos: For all of you that don't know, I am a twin and I have a sister who was born 1 minute and 16 seconds after me (according to my parents). This twin of mine is named Hannah. Hannah and I have been roaming around the planet together since we were just wee ones. Birthdays together, Halloween costumes together (one year I was green grapes, and she was purples grapes, another year we were the king & queen of hearts parents are so smart ;)) This year is the first year that my sister and I have not been together to celebrate our birthday, but there is a bright side. There is always next year. There will always be another birthday, but there will never be another mission. I will never have another chance to be a missionary in the same capacity as I am being one now. Hannah so I guess we will have to party hard next year for the big number 21!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Happy Birthday Hannah. I hope it was great! Next June we will go nuts together

Arnaldo: Arnaldo had his wedding and baptism on Saturday. I took a bunch of photos but it is taking forever to send them because I accidentally changed the mega pixels and I can only send like 2 every email but it is worth it!!! It was a great day, believe it or not the cake that says Arnaldo and Maria is a cake that Elder Villar and I made. It was a great cake. Everyone wanted more so that was good. Elder Villar had the opportunity to baptize him and there were tons of people there in the marriage!! It was a great birthday and a great day for Arnaldo and Maria. Now they will be able to prepare themselves to go to the temple. 

Zone Conference: We had a Zone Conference with 4 Zones and I took pictures of that. It was great.

Love you guys. I have to go. Have a great week!

Elder Jessop