Friday, June 20, 2014

6-2-14 Happy‏!!

Hello Everyone! I don't have much to write, but I will write as much as I can. I'm kinda tired and a lot of the words I write might be spelled wrong so just hang with me please. 

Changes: The transfers are this week and we will know the transfers tomorrow I think. I will probably be staying here in Ettiene, but you never know with the changes. Some of the missionaries kinda freak out about the changes, but I have been here so long that it is just a normal routine. My trainer, Elder Morgan, goes home tomorrow. I remember when he picked me up from the office just 1 year ago... Man does the time sure fly out here when you are having fun!! I have fun every day, there are miracles here everyday and all the changes do is help us keep learning and keep finding miracles daily. 

Tired: I've been really tired lately with all this stuff. A couple of days after we planned I just got in bed and slept. It was rough, I think it is the change in the climate here that is making me so tired. There is not enough sun anymore. GOTTA GET THAT VITAMIN D!! It has been raining a bit and the sun hasn't been out. It literally went from 100 degrees daily to like 60 daily in a week. If you guys have any advice on what I can do to be less tired I will gladly appreciate it :DDD

Companions: I was thinking a lot about companions. Every missionary in the church has a companion, or like a partner in proselytizing. A sidekick maybe, something like that. My companion right now is Elder Peterson and he has helped me a ton develop many of my attributes. I was thinking about how companions here in the mission just help prepare you for your future eternal companion, or in other words, a wife. Elder Peterson and I clean together, talk together, work together, teach together, sleep together (in different beds), WE DO EVERYTHING TOGETHER. I don't know if marriage is like that, but it might be maybe a little.

I have to give a couple shout outs to some people. Or just one really. Taylor Bergstrom! I don't know if you read my letters, but if you do I want to wish you a happy graduation!!!! You are graduating high school which is crazy and Cody told me that you are going to UCSD!!!! That is awesome and you are going to kill it!! I know I'm missing your graduation, but I would love to have a picture!!! Congrats!

There is nothing like sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are no words that I can use to describe what I do here and how I feel and what I'm learning daily. I am happy, I cant describe the joy I feel with the opportunity I have to help others receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love each any every one of you. Thank you for the letters and support.!!

Elder Jessop

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