Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6-9-14 I Got Changed !!!

Hey everyone, I want to let you know that I am no longer in Ettiene. I've got a couple of things that I would like to share. Just listen tight and enjoy the show, well not really a show but at least you can enjoy the letter :)

San Lorenzo: My new area is a place called San Lorenzo, my area name is Tuyuasape 1.1. It is one of the largest cities in Paraguay, but I'm more on the outskirts of San Lorenzo. We have to take a bus to the city every Monday to go buy food and stuff. I'm pretty excited to be here. This is my 4th area and I will probably be here for a little while to be honest because I just got here. If you guys want to see where I live and you want to look for is on Google Map. The streets where I live in Fortin casí De La Victoria. I live on the 2nd house behind a gas station. I will have pictures of the new house next week.

Changes: This change week my trainer Elder Morgan went home and I saw him in the terminal and took a picture of him. He finished his mission very strong and I was sad to see him go, but I will see him again someday. The changes are the best. My new companion is Elder Villar and he is from Chile. He goes home in July, or the next change, so we will only be together for 6 weeks. Very short, but I'm really excited to learn a lot from him. My mission President, Presidente Agazzani, called me on Tuesday and told me that I was going to be one of his new Zone Leaders. That is pretty cool. I've really learned to be humbled and accept the will of God. I am the Zone Leader of Zone 9 of 14 Zones and there are only 14 missionaries in my Zone. It is a very tiny Zone, but I'm still very excited and ready to go. 

That is about all I have to write. I've got to go anyways. My hour is about up. I know sometimes my letters are short, but I will make it up next week. I hope you enjoy the letters and thank you for your support.

The church is true.

Elder Jessop

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