Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-18-14 Week 6 of Change 10. Woah!!

Hello Family and Friends!!! I did some cool things this week and I sent pictures!!! Hope you all enjoy them. Life is going good, fast, and fun. There was a baptism this week!! Wo hoooAh!! The guys name is Damien and I will tell you guys about him and about everything that I did this week!

Monday: We had our district activity on Monday and we did a couple of things. First we played soccer and it was awesome!! I've really grown to love soccer. Everyone plays it here. I have seen like 2 basketballs and one football in my whole mission. Soccer, Soccer, Soccer! SO we played soccer and then after we played ultimate Frisbee (thanks mom and dad for the Frisbee). Ultimate missionary Frisbee is pretty cool. It is like normal ultimate Frisbee, but with missionaries. We then proceeded to go eat something called a Lomito Arabe which was very delicious and after that we went to eat ice cream. That was our district activity and it was awesome.

Tuesday: We had lunch with one of our investigators on Tuesday who is a chef. His name is Isaiah's and he has one leg. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and is trying to move on from it. He is absolutely awesome and ready for the gospel. We went to his house and we made him cordon bleu. It was really awesome and spiritual. Basically he told us his life story and the next step is getting him to church so that he can get baptized too.

Wednesday: I found dead chicken. There is a women in my ward here that sells chicken. What she does is she takes the guts out, puts the chicken in a bag, and takes to her work the next day to sell it. We went to her house and had the opportunity to help her. I have never seen so many dead chickens in my life! Elder Hampton is used to it because he has a farm, but I grew up in a different part of town lets just leave it at that! Yeah for Los Angeles!! So we gutted chickens and it was a very fun experience.

Thursday: I had a division with a missionary named Elder Estigarribia. He is from Paraguay and is in an area right now that is 1 hour from his house haha. That is like if I was serving in Ventura California being from Los Angeles California. He goes home in February and is a convert and is awesome. We had some fun, it was a rough day because it was a day before a holiday and everyone was preparing for the holiday, but our efforts were not in vain because they have an investigator that will get baptized in 2 weeks!

Friday: We had two very spiritual lessons that I would like to share. We had one lesson with the Rivas family and another with the Salguiero family. 7 investigators in total. We taught the Restoration the the Riva's family and taught the plan of salvation to the Salguiero family. They were very spiritual and I will let you guys know more about them.

Saturday: I baptized someone on Saturday named Damien. He is 20 and awesome!!!!! We had a very espiritual baptism interview and he chose me to  baptize him!! 

Gotta go. Love you all Have a great week!!

Elder Jessop

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