Thursday, August 14, 2014

8-4-14 Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Supermissionary

Hello Family and Friends! Thank you all for the letters and thank you all for the support! I'll now write about my week, or try too at least. Every single Monday I come to the computer desk and I think about what happened and it literally just blurs together, but luckily I have an agenda!!! I will try and tell you what happened last week according to my agenda. Events, Spiritual Experiences, People that I have met, cosas así. 

Martes: We had our district meeting today and we decided to go to the district meeting in Reducto, which is a place in our Zone. The district leader is a Colombian named Elder Vanegas who goes home in October. We went there and it was awesome. I learned that the importance of the spirit can´t be substituted for anything else. A testimony can´t be bought, sold, taught, or given. A testimony is something earned and something that requires work and something that makes us who we are. I have a testimony that the church is true and I act according to that testimony and when I share it I can help other people feel the spirit so that they can receive their own testimony. ALWAYS SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! That's what I learned :-). Later that same day we had a lesson with a family of 3 and I tried applying what I learned in the district meeting and I shared my testimony and later invited the 3 to be baptized and they accepted a baptism date!! They are named Carlos, Rueben, and Graciela. We hope to see tons of progress with them ITS BAPTISM TIME!!

Miércoles: Wednesday we went to Asuncion because I went to the dentist. I went to the dentist because my teeth hurt really bad and it so happens that my wisdom teeth are growing in an pain is normal. She said that it is like being a baby and your teeth grow in! I guess I am a baby now. I don't have to get them taken out for now luckily! I was scared. I also learned this day that we don't have to wait for blessings that the Lord has promised us. We can receive them now! We just need to act and work and they will come. We don't have to wait passively for blessings, but we can receive them daily if we work actively in the Lords work. 

Jueves: We had the Noche de Barrio on Thursday and I don't remember the word in English but the translated word is ward night. We had an investigator come too!! Her name was Belen and she has 16 years and she brought her cousin. She has had it hard recently because her dad recently passed away. We shared with her about the Plan of Salvation and we invited her to read the pamphlet and we invited her to church. We really feel like she is ready for the gospel and that the atonement of Jesus Christ can heal her pain. She will be baptized shortly. I also did a baptism interview of a girl named Michelle that is an investigator of the Elders in Reducto! She passed and she will get baptized Saturday!

Viernes: I did a division with the other district leader of my district named Elder Guitarra. He is from Ecuador and he has been in the mission since January. He is awesome and they will be baptizing a girl this Saturday named Michaela!! I'm supper stocked for that and she came to church Sunday!! That was a great division!

Sábado: Saturday there were 5 baptisms in my Zone!! A family of 4 and the girl Michelle!

Domingo: Sunday is always the best day. It was fast Sunday today and it was a very great day at church! I really felt good and I want to invite everyone to church. A lady told us the other day that church wasn't important that you didn't need to go and we testified to her that it was and that we really need to go to church to renew our covenants and be happy. I'm happy and I love going to church. God fulfills with his promised blessings!

I'm doing pretty good. I love it here I'm doing awesome. I'm happy and I've been here for a long time now but there are still more people here in Paraguay that I have to help receive the restored gospel and be baptized!!! Keep me in your prayers and the people I teach in your prayers too please! I will try to take more pictures haha.

Elder Jessop

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