Thursday, August 21, 2014

8-11-14 Miracle Week!!

Hello Friends and Family, this week was pretty crazy. We literally didn't work at all because we had so much stuff to do, but we did what we could and the Lord did the rest. I would like to help you guys smell what I'm stepping in.....(this is what Elder Hampton tells me when he understands what I say..) I am actually stepping in quite a bit of mud, rocks and water (baptisms!!!) It is a good thing that my last companion left me a pair of shoes because the other two I have a pretty destroyed (mom my shoes will last me I promise :D)

Tuesday: We had our Zone capcitation on Tuesday and Elder Hampton and I presented it.We talked a lot about goals and how the goals we make here in the mission will help us make goals after and then we got to the spiritual part. We are working hard as a mission on our formality. Actually looking like representatives of Jesus Christ. White shirts (which is hard when Paraguayans wash your clothes by hand haha), clean shoes (for all the new missionaries :D), firm handshakes, the proper way to direct yourself to others, and stuff like that. It was awesome to be honest and we all committed ourselves to doing it. Then we had an activity at the end and told everything to close their eyes. We played the song I'm trying to be like Jesus (the primary one) and told the missionaries that we were going to show them a mirror and they were going to see themselves in the mirror. Instead of showing the mirror we showed a picture of Jesus Christ and that got us all thinking. Are we really striving to be like Jesus Christ. Am I really striving to be like him? I thought about it for a long time, studied about it, prayed about it, and I feel the point of the mission is to help us become like him. I really feel like I'm trying and I'm super happy because of it. 

Wednesday: I did a division with Elder Mejia in our zone. We both served in Paraguari and we talked all about it. One of the people I baptized went to Spain to go work! She wrote me a letter to say goodbye and said that she would get in contact with me on Face Book... Elder Mejia is from Columbia and goes home next March. It is coming up fast.

Thursday: We had interviews with the Mission President!! Elder Hampton went first and then I went second. I learned that through the grace of God we can be saved, that after doing all we can and even though we are going to fall short, the atonement makes up for the rest. That helped me a ton and then the assistants showed us a video about how Jesus Christ makes everything possible. Through Jesus Christ we can be happy, we can have joy, and can receive our salvation. Only because of him. Then we did Weekly Planning and had a miracle on Sunday. That night we had our Ward fun night and we had a ton of investigators come. They really wanted to play soccer and we hope that they can come to church too!

Friday: One thing that really stood out Friday was that we had a family home evening with one of our investigator families and with a member family. The investigator family the the Slaguieros and the member family is Davalos. We watched the Restoration and the kids committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know that it is true. The parents of the Salguieros are members and we are helping to reactivate the family and help the kids get baptized. We then played a game where we opened candy bars with spoons and forks. IT WAS SO FUN! I ate a lot of candy :DDD

Saturday: There was a baptism on Saturday of a girl named Miguela. For some reason my photos are not loading to the computer so I cant send any pictures, but there is always next week. This girl is 10 and her dad is a member that got baptized in Paraguari a long time ago. He is way cool and he is coming back to church and the daughter got baptized on Saturday

Sunday: By far the best day of the week! Tons of miracles happened today!! We had  8 investigators come to church!!! It was a miracle. The Salquiero family came after having not come for over 10 years and a girl named Julieta came to, who will hopefully get baptized this Saturday and then 4 other teenagers came who went to the Ward Activity Night on Thursday. We are helping them too. We are seeing a lot of miracles in our area and thanks to faith the Lord has blessed us quite a lot. 

I love being a missionary. The days go by faster and faster. Every Monday I say to my companion, "How is it Monday already?". Before I know it it will be done, but the work doesn't finish with the mission. It keeps going and becomes greater! Being a missionary is awesome. I'm happy and I love serving the Lord here. 

Love you all!

Elder Jessop

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