Friday, September 5, 2014

8-25-14 RE: The Fruits of Love....

Hello. I would love to start of this letter with a big giant happy birthday wish to my mom, Rebecca Jessop, from her son, Elder Jessop. I will start with a song.
I love you mom. Miss you a ton and I hope that you enjoyed your birthday month.
This week was an awesome week. The heat is beginning again and it is still winter time.

Monday: We had a ice cream and brownie party!!! Just 4 of us. 
It was awesome and after that I started a diet plan hahaha. The diet plan always begins after pigging out. It was a great brownie and the 5 big dots are things called Alfahores. You can look it up on the Internet if you want, unless you're a missionary haha.

Tuesday: I went on a division with one of the district leaders in my Zone named Elder Vanegas. He is from Columbia and goes home in October. It was a great division and I learned a ton from him. I'm definitely enjoying the mission. The time that I have spent here has been worth every second and I'm happy.

Wednesday: Today we had a meeting with the district leaders and we have to present a giant presentation in a Leader Council. 2 times a year in our mission, the district leaders go with the zone leaders to the leader council and in this council we have to present something about district meetings. Instead of a normal Leader Council with just the Zone Leaders and the sister leader trainers, we will have all the district leaders there too.

Thursday: We met a girl who is a member named Sixta Vera. 
She got baptized 11 years ago and is from a place called YpacaraĆ­. She is a little sick and hasn't gone to church because the leaders told her that she had to go to a different ward, but it is a miracle that we found her. We have investigators next door and they told us that Sixta wanted to meet us. We didn't know that she was a member. She came to church on Sunday with her two granddaughters and the neighbor that is our investigator!!! It was awesome

Friday: We had two great lessons that I want to share. One with Christian. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he accepted it and came to church on Sunday and is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! He is a teenager and is awesome. We had another lesson with the Salguiero family and felt that we really had to focus on the Book of Mormon. It turns out that they are not reading it and we decided to read a little with them and we marked 1st Nephi 1 and it turns out that when we went back Sunday they had read it!!! We have plans to go back today!!! They have a baptism date but they need to go to church 1 more time before they can get baptised. They are awesome!!

Saturday and Sunday: We had Stake Conference! It was awesome. I've said the word awesome allot. We got to here from Elder Bednar. Yeah the apostle Elder Bednar. It was awesome and he talked to us about repentance and the importance of it. It was a very powerful talk. We also had 4 investigators in church, which got to see the apostle, Elder Bednar. They really enjoyed it and they are coming back next Sunday!!
I learned a lot this week about the importance of love. Love makes us do and want to help. The pure charity of Christ is what we must develop to enter into his kingdom. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is based on the principles of the love that God and Jesus Christ have for us. My goal is to love and always love. I love each and every one of you. I appreciate your letters, love and support. Sorry for the English. It is getting pretty bad, but that doesn't change my love :)
Elder Jessop

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