Thursday, August 7, 2014

7-28-14 Week # ? (I lost count)

Hello everyone!!!!! Elder Jessop is back in business here on this computer & chair in good ol´ San Lorenzo Paraguay. This Internet cafe where I'm at is named Germany. Like the country. It's awesome, especially because Germany won the world cup. There are a lot of German descendants here that look like me. Literally every time I see a white person with blond hair I'm just in shock, but there are several that I've seen here. This week was spiritually full filling and awesome! I'm tired, but that is very normal! Carry on, carry on, carry on!!

We are finding a ton of people here in San Lorenzo. We had like 17 new investigators last week and quite a few have committed to being baptized on a certain date in August. We decided to fast to find people as a Zone because we were struggling to find new investigators and the fast definitely worked because our prayers were answered. Yeah for Fasts!! WE found several people that had already been to church, but had lost contact with the missionaries because they had to travel or both missionaries were changed or something like that. We met a girl named Luisa who has a son that is a member named Mario. He is pretty awesome and Luisa is inches away from being baptized. She almost got baptized on Saturday but she has a couple doubts, but she did tell us that the only thing left she had to do in her life to be with God was to be baptized, so I think that we are seeing progress at least! We also found a man named Helmyr Velazques who was about to get baptized but had to travel urgently to a city called Ciudad del Este and he was there for over a year and then he traveled again to Concepcion and he just got back to San Lorenzo two months ago and we found him. He committed to going to church and getting baptized on August 9th. We pray to see progress with him. Those are just 2 of our investigators that are progressing and the rest will all be baptized and be cleaned of their sins in the current weeks!!

Today we had a leadership meeting and it was very spiritual. I learned the importance of making goals in the mission will help me make goals for my life after the mission and help me keep progressing in the way that the Lord needs me too. His goals should be my goals is what I learned. I also learned that I need to always love so that I can help people feel the pure love of God. LOVE IS AWESOME!! It was makes the variety of life :DDD

I'm happy. I'm tired and it's awesome!! My letter isn't that good today because I didn't have time to write down what I wanted to write, but I am happy. I am doing well. Time is going by to fast. I love this place. My companion is awesome. I'm happy and I couldn't imagine anything better. Some people might think that missionaries are crazy. Leave everything behind for 2 years and leave the house to go preach something we believe might sound silly and a waste of time, but I have never felt more joy in my life than the joy that I have felt here in my mission among the children of God here in Paraguay. It is by far the best decision I have ever made. The sacrifices that I have made have helped me become a better person. They are not even sacrifices because I have received so many blessing from God. It is way hard, don't get me wrong. My life has never been so hard, tiring, sad when people don't come to church or have the desires to repent, or heart wrenching, but at the same time I have never felt such love, joy, and happiness. It is awesome and hard to explain.

Amanda and Hannah Jessop: I hope you are both going to church with mom and dad. Keep preparing yourselves to go into the temple with us when I get home!! Love you both my sweet sisters! :)

The church is true. It is perfect. I know it with all my heart. I love you all and I mean it.

Elder Jessop

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