Friday, March 7, 2014

The Week of the Carnival

Hello my fellow family and friends, 

Today is Monday, everyday Monday I do my e-mailing and that is all. My English is starting to get really bad and when I think of a word to say in English sometimes I have to look it up. I'm also training a North American and his Spanish is coming along, but it is hard to talk to him in English and it is hard for him to talk to me in Spanish. That is the life and it is awesome.

This week I ate and did a couple of weird things. I ate cow tongue this last Thursday. Yep, COW TONGUE! The members would not tell us know what it was before hand and they said that we had to eat it before they could tell us what it was and so we listened and ate. I kind of scarfed it down, but my companion was really scared and didn't want to eat it, but I made him and then when we finished they finally told us that it was cow tongue. Not going to lie though, it was actually really good and at least it wasn't cow stomach. I hear that cow stomach is really hard to eat. I'm not saying that we should all go around eating cow tongue, but the way they prepared it was really good. 

This week was a special week here in Paraguarí. This week was the week of the annual carnival that they do and might I say it was loud and long. What happens is the Paraguayans drop everything to go and prepare this carnival for a week and they had the carnival Friday and Saturday and it was really bad. There was trash everywhere and alcohol bags and I can only imagine what happened. People slept on the streets and we saw them walking in the morning like Zombies with glitter all over them and just smelly and it was gross. I guess that is an annual thing here. SO yeah that happened.

I also set a goal to drink 10 liters, about 3 gallons, of water everyday. It got up to 110 the other day and all the extra water really helps. I have little boxes in my agenda and when I drink a liter of water I color in the box. 

There are three new missionaries in my district. Elder Chancahuana, Elder Castillo, and Elder Brito. One is from Spain, the other from Ecuador, and the other from Peru. I was with elder Chancahuna in Caguazu and it was nice to see a familiar face. 

We also met a kid the other day named Christian. He isn't actually a kid. He is 16 and already going to college, and he really wants to be a Mormon because he loves the principles that we teach and he loves the church. We told him that he could get baptized on March 2nd and then he said that he wanted to get baptized before that so I will let you guys know what happens with him. Also, Cesar went to church again, he is the guy that smokes 50 cigarettes a day, but he is only smoking about 6 now which is great improvement. He is progressing tremendously. 

I love you all and I don't have pictures this week, but next week I should. Have a great week and thank you for the support.

Elder Jessop

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