Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great day and week. I wrote stuff down today of things I wanted to write you all, so I'll start with the first thing on my list.

Division with Elder Lyon: This week I went to one of the areas in my district and did a division with an Elder from Utah named Elder Lyon. He is on his third change and he began his mission when I just got here in Paraguarí. We did this division and we walked to a part of his area and we invited a couple people to get baptized and four people accepted the invitation and it was great. One of the people looked at us both, and we are blonde hair blue eyes North Americans together, which is a rare site here in Paraguay. The girl told me the I looked like a was 40. This girl was like 60 and she kept touching my hand and looking at my eyes, so we left. BUT SHE THOUGHT I WAS 40!! I'm not even 20 yet, that girl was crazy. In this same division we talked to some other family and they guessed that I was from Argentina. I told them that I was from Argentina and then I began to talk with an Argentinian accent and they believed me. Yea my Spanish must be pretty good or they think that Argentine's talk horrible Spanish... That division was great and full of miracles.

Fast and Testimony Meeting: Yesterday was the first Sunday of the month and every first Sunday of the month are the days when any person in the church can go up and share their testimony. I was sitting there listening to the testimonies and then a girl name Eva Rodriguez went up to share her testimony. If you all remember, Eva Rodriguez is the women that I baptized in January. She went up and shared the most beautiful testimony I had probably ever heard. She talked about how we came up to her house really randomly and she explained how it was a time in her life when she needed the most help ever and I cried. We were guided to her house that day. We were literally knocking on doors and we walked up to her house and her nephew received us, who is a member and it was a great day. She got baptized a month later and I love her. I had the blessing to be a part of the change in her life and it is something that I will never forget. Also, another girl gave her testimony on Sunday named Ana Maria, who is a different girl that I baptized in January and she shared about how many people rejected her but the members of the church never did. She is epileptic and gets attacks sometimes, so people were always afraid of her, but she found happiness and peace in the church. She shared that she knew that the church is true. It was a great Fast and Testimony Meeting to say the least. I'm coming up on the changes and I think my time here in Paraguari is about over, but I'm grateful that I could hear the testimonies of Eva and Ana Maria.

Ultima Semana: I'm coming up on the last week of the change and I might be leaving Paraguari. I have been here since November and I'm about to finish training Elder Evans and he will be staying here and I will be leaving unless my mission President does something crazy, which could happen. I will know my new area, companion, and assignment in the coming weeks just so you all know.

OK, I love you all very much. I sent pictures of some baptisms that were held Saturday in an area in my district. I went and it was a great experience. They got baptized in a river which was pretty awesome. Elder Brito and Elder Goodell are two elders in my district and they are doing great work. I love you all very much and I hope you all have a great week filled with awesome things.
Con Cariño
Elder Jessop

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