Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Week in Para.......guay..

Hello All,

This week has been slow and kinda hard. We have found a lot of great people and a lot of miracles but it has been hard, not going to lie. I always send letters like this week has been great, don't get me wrong it has been a great week, but very tiring and stressful. 
Let me tell you what has been going on down south, in South America, well just Paraguarí, Paraguay, but close enough.

5 investigators went to church this last week!!!!!! It was awesome and it made me happy to see all these people come to church and leave it happier. It is Monday and I'm already tired, just so tired all the time and it is awesome. OK the week I'll tell you about the people we have been meeting with.

Celia: Celia came to church this week and I think I talked about her in my email last week, but I don't remember. The days just kinda blur together here. Anyways she came to church I we are going to visit her today. I taught the gospel principles class in church and she participated and had a lot of questions and she was really interested and she is next door neighbors with a member and the member accompanied her all day and it was awesome and she is really progressing.

Cesar: Cesar is a 33 year old really skinny guy who is awesome. He talks ALOT like alot alot. He is addicted to smoking. He smokes like 50 cigarettes a day, but he went to church and only smoked 3 cigarettes that day and might I tell you in one day that is a great improvement. He really wants to quit and he loved church this week and he wants to get baptized really bad. He has been to jail and he likes the idea of being a new person after baptism and he is just a great guy. We have a good time together and I know that the Lord is helping him overcome his addiction to cigarettes and is helping him feel loved. Sometimes he doesn't know why he is here and when we explain to him that he is a child of God he really smiles and feels a lot better.

Those are two of our investigators and last week we climb a big old hill. We had our district activity and I led the Elders in my district up this big old giant hill and we took pictures and it was awesome. We took some great pictures and I got really scared at first and I couldn't stand up but I finally stood up and took a picture. Slowly conquering the fear of heights. This hill is probably the highest thing here in Paraguay, but still. I sent a lot of pictures and I hope you all enjoy them!!

Today before email we also went to the fruteria and bought a big old lunch and some ice cream. I felt like I was in the United States for just about 30 minutes and it was a great feeling. I sent a picture and I'm telling you if that food looks good on a picture it looked better in person, I promise.

This week was a very challenging week for me. Sometimes you just feel like you have so much on your plate and you don't know where to start and then something happened Sunday. Every first Sunday of the month we have fast and testimony meeting in church and this Sunday I shared my testimony with the members. Earlier in the church we sang the song I know that my Redeemer lives. This song touched me because even if I feel like I can't do it or I should just give up, I can look to the example of Jesus Christ and know that he didn't give up. Know that he never gave up and he endured his afflictions. With the example of Jesus Christ I know that I can too. He lives and I know it and I share my testimony with all of you that he does live and I know that to be true.

Elder Jessop

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  1. Elder Jessop, Wonderful to hear about your success! Keep up the Good Work.
    Great also to see the photo pictures. You have a great team. Thanks for your
    testimony, also. Lynnette also gives your greetings and appreciates your blogspot.
    She loves reading your letters, and we remember our own missions.

    Brother & Sister Shipp Do you use multimedia?