Sunday, September 29, 2013

He terminado con mi entrenamiento con Elder Morgan

Hello everyone. Such great people you all are. This week coming up is a big week and I don't know what is going to happen but I do know the Elder Morgan and I will not be companions anymore. My training is done and I will receive a new companion Wednesday. Yea. That's the life. On to the good stuff.
This week it rained A LOT. There were thunder storms and lightning everywhere. It was pretty cool. We were just walking the streets of Caaguazuu and it was like seeing a light show in the sky there was so much thunder and lightning. While it was pretty cool, we went from having 75 people in church the last week to only 25 this week. There were not any investigators either. It is weird. We work all week to teach and help people come to church and then the sky decides to change everything and no one comes to church. But there is a bright side to this. We have another Sunday!!! Woooohooooooo! Hopefully this Sunday the skies are normal. It is all worth it.
A miracle happened on Saturday too. Two people got married and baptized the same day!!! They are named the Familia FariƱa. They almost didn't make it because it was raining so hard but they made it. They were 2 of the 25 people in church on Sunday. That's what I call dedication!
I talked early about how my training is over. I start my 3rd change Wednesday. I have been thinking a lot about the people and what they have done. They deceive or mislead us, they reject us, they say otra dia which means another day which by extension means no and they think I'm a spy but with all that happening I still love them a lot. I want them to be happy. That's why I'm here. I left everything. My family, my friends, school, a job, girls, and a lot of other stuff and I am here. I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love these people and I love serving them. It is really hard but it is worth it. We do a lot of things wrong in the eyes of God but he still loves us and forgives us, so the least I can do is love these people like My God loves me. It turns out when you loose yourself in the work and forget everything else, you find yourself. Now that doesn't make much sense. How can you loose yourself and find yourself at the same time. I tell you what...its happening to me. I'm finding myself. It's awesome.
I love you all. Keep it classy. BE safe. And remember that you are loved.
Elder Jessop

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