Sunday, September 8, 2013

La gracia de Dios es suficiente‏

Hi everyone. We recently bought all of our food. I'm in an Internet cafe with a lot of food writing you guys. I've already eaten some bread. I'm always eating here. I'm always hungry, but esta bien. It is raining a lot outside. For two days it was really hot, I was sweating bullets and last night at like 2 in the morning it started to thunder and there was lightening and it was raining and now there are rivers in Paraguay. It's supposed to be the only country without rivers and an ocean, but as of now we have found the ocean. Anyways I want to tell you all about the week. 

We are teaching a lot of people. Like more than 25 lessons in a week. That's a lot. We have to walk to every house which takes a long time, and some of them don't have telephones so if they're not home then we walk somewhere else. We have 4 hours of studies every day except for Monday and Thursday. 1 hour of personal study, 1 hour of language study, and 2 hours of companionship study. It's a lot of studying, but I'm learning a lot so tranquilopa. These are a few of the people that we are teaching.

Catalino: This man is older and works at a shop for cars and he fixes them. He smokes and he used to drink a lot but he wants to stop. The gospel can help him stop that's for sure. He can't walk very far so it is impossible for him to walk to the church. We think he may have cancer in his mouth from smoking and drinking. We had a miracle with him. One of the members is going to drive him to church every Sunday so he can get baptized and we are going to teach Catalino in the house of Hermano Caballero every time so he doesn't have to be with his firends that he works with that smoke and drink. He's awesome and we are going to help him change his life to the better.

Jerge y Sarah: They are a married couple, which is a surprise because a lot of people here are not married and they live together. That is a desafio. They are awesome though, they are Catholic but they know that the Catholic church isn't completely true and they are looking for something more. Boom here come the missionaries, we taught them about the book of Mormon and they are reading it and praying. They feel good and need more time but they are really awesome and yea. They are going to get baptized.

Fermina, Giovani, and Madi Gonzales: They are a family of brothers and sisters. Jimmy is the only member in the family and has been a member for 7 months. We watched a movie with them. It's hard to teach all of them at the same time, but this movie was with Madi and Fermine. We watched finding faith in Christ and it literally changed my life. The power of a testimony is so strong and invites the spirit like nothing else. That is what Jimmy did, he shared his testimony with his brothers and sisters and they could feel that this was right. They need to go to church, but we are helping them a lot. They are awesome too.

Something I learned this week that change my life was about the Grace of Jesus Christ. This week I felt like God was not satisfied with my work as a missionary and that I need to do better. Always there is something we need to change in our lives so we can be better, and I was really discouraged. I felt like I could never be like Jesus Christ. I am wrong. We can't give up. We have a life to live and when we live it the way that Jesus Christ taught. We will always be happy. The Grace of God is sufficient. It is his son, Jesus Christ, that will help us in the end become like him. Never give up, never stop trying, yes it is hard, but it was not easy for our Savior, Jesus Christ. His grace is what keeps us going. I know that the Lord is satisfied with me because I'm doing all I can to help these people accept God, and his son. 

I love you all.

Elder Jessop

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