Sunday, September 15, 2013

The day that changed my life‏

Hi everyone. I'm doing great. Yesterday it hailed in the streets of Paraguay and it rained really hard. My umbrella broke (mom I bought a new umbrella here in Paraguay and it broke yesterday, that should answer your question). I want to tell you about my week, which includes the studies that changed my mission.
We taught someone named Maria this week who was a reference from members. She lives with these same members and she is literally oro (gold). She told these members that she wanted to come to church yesterday before we even knew here. Uh sí o sí ella va a bautizar. She is awesome and we are going to teach her everything with the members that she lives with. We are teaching a lot. We taught 25 lessons this last week and that is a blessing from the Lord. 

Something the I'm learning a lot is that the weeks are like days and they days are like weeks. Really the days are normal days and the weeks are normal too, but it feels so different. OK my schedule in the morning is we eat and exercise and until 8. We study from 8 to 12 everyday. In personal study I read the Book of Mormon and I finished it. I read the last chapter in Moroni 10 and I thought a lot and I prayed. In this chapter there is a promise that says if you read the book, think about it, and then pray about it, we will know that the book is true through the power of the Holy Ghost. That is exactly what I did. I testify to everyone who is reading this, that if you would just ready the book of Mormon and get on your knees and ask God if it is true, you can receive a confirmation the it is true like I have many times and like millions of other people have too. This book has changed my life. That was just personal study. In companionship study I read Ether 12:27. This scripture changed my life. I couldn't understand how we can do everything possible to do good and follow Christ and not actually do it. It is either we do it or we don't. There is no do everything possible. To try is not to do it is to try. It turns out that we cant do it. It is impossible to live with God again by ourselves. That is why we have Jesus Christ. With him we can do anything. All we can do is try and do everything we can and then Jesus Christ does the rest. To try is to do. So try and do everything you can and when you think you cant do it, you can, Jesus Christ will help you because he has done it.
I love you all. I am changing I am different. I am better. I am becoming more like Christ every day. That is the meta. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.

Elder Jessop

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