Thursday, March 19, 2015

3-9-15 March Madness... Mission Madness !!

Hello Family and Friends! We have changed March Madness to Mission Madness, which means Baptism Madness here in the Paraguay Asuncion Mission. It has been fun these last two weeks. As a mission we have a goal to help 204 people be baptized this month this month and this is our theme:  

                    Mosiah 18:16- Y de esta manera bautizamos a todos los que estuvieron en la misión                       Paraguay Asunción y eran un número de 204 almas;si y fueron bautizados en las                           aguas de LA MISIÓN PARAGUAY ASUNCIÓN, y fueron llenos de la gracia de Dios.

That is our goal for the month. Mission Madness!! We are trying our best to help people come unto Christ here in Paraguay, but now I´d like to talk about what has been going on in Barrio Obrero. 

Divisions: We did two divisions this with Elder Edwards and another with Elder Norton. Elder Edwards(Orem, Utah) came here to do the division with me in my area and he did the baptism interview for one of our investigators name Ramos that is getting baptized this Wednesday because he can´t do it on Saturday. Elder Edwards and I were in the same district in the MTC and we had the same companion in the mission and it was super awesome the division. Next I went to an area called Republicano to do a division with Elder Norton( flagstaff,Arizona). HE is super awesome and I went there to do 3 baptism interviews for their investigators: Maria, Clara, and Mirna who all get baptized in two days. The interviews were very spiritual and it was an edifying experience for me and for them. Mirna wasn´t going to get baptized, but she prayed the night before and woke up in the middle of the night and called the Elders and said that she wanted to be baptized!!! That's what you call God answering prayers.  

Eating American Food: So my family sent me a box and seeing how my companion is from Ecuador I decided to share with him a lot of the food that they sent. He ate his first brownie, pudding, and candy corn pumpkin and pop tart. Elder Zamora is awesome and we are really having a fun time here.

Investigadors: We have an investigator named Ramon that is getting baptized on Wednesday. He is 59 and is ready to change his life. He was supposed to get baptized on Saturday, but came home really late from work and couldn't, but he did come to church the next day so we are planning his baptism again for this week, We also have an investigator named Isaias that came to church. We are trying to help him read the Book of Mormon and receive of testimony of its truthfulness. Sometimes that takes a while, but he loves to come to church and has a lot of friends there. 

I love the mission. It has been the best experience of my life. Those who have been following my emails should know that my time is running short. I have decided to take the approach of Alma, who said, " Yes, since that day, even until now, I have worked without end to bring souls unto repentance; to bring them to try the great joy that I tried; so that they can also be born of God and be filled with the spirit." (Alma 36:24 parafrased) That is my goal. To work WITHOUT END to bring souls unto Christ. I have felt such a great joy in doing so these last 2 years that I can´t stop now. There is no stopping early or going home early. I have to be like Alma and work until the end and then will my joy be complete like his was. Jesus Christ is the best example of this  complete joy. Even in the Garden of Gestemany he begged to be lifted from him the cup which he was drinking and succumbed to the will of the Father and suffered for all of us, even until the end. 

I know that the church is true. It has given me a direction and given my life joy. I know that families can be together forever. That is the  plan of God, that we may all be perfected unto Christ and believe in him so that we may one day be with the father again.

Elder Jessop

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