Friday, March 27, 2015

3-16-15 The Importance of Christ-Like Living.‏

Hello Family and Friends. 

This mission has changed my life. It has all been such a great blessing that has been rewarding beyond description. I have learned and felt that God really does love every single one of us. I have felt his presence in my life. I have grown to understand what he has done for me and how I should live to show my gratitude for his atoning sacrifice. I talk to many people in the street and it saddens me to recognize that they have not felt this peace, love, and redemption that comes from the atonement of Jesus Christ and it brings me such great joy that I cant describe to have the opportunity to help others come unto Christ and be perfected in him. I have grown to love my God and have come to know him better and I am extremely grateful. He has helped me become like him and I know that through repentance we may all become like him. I am happy. I know that my Redeemer lives and on that note I would like to tell you about my week.

Ramon: The biggest miracle that happened this week was the baptism and confirmation of Ramon Fernandez. He is 59 and I have said a little bit about him in past letters. His wife died 10 years ago and his son died 3 years ago at the age of 17. He has had a very hard life and it has been a privilege to be a part of his life and help him find peace and joy in a life that sometimes causes great pain and suffering. He got baptized on Friday at 8:30 and gave one of the greatest testimonies I have heard. It was such a humble testimony and a test of his faith. He is not the most wealthiest man in the world and he turned down a job to come to Church and get baptized on Friday and told us about his experience. He is very humble and I know that he will be able to become more and more like Jesus Christ as he live the principles and ordinances of the gospel.

Other Investigators: We are teaching a couple of other people too and helping them come unto Christ through baptism and repentance. We are teaching Asucena and her mom Susana. The man of the house is a member of the church and it was a great experience meeting them. Susana (mom of the house) wasn´t sure which church was true until we came to her house and before we left we invited her to pray and ask God. She did what we asked and went to work that day and said that she met a man that knows members of the church and he told her that she needed to go talk to them if she is looking for help. She talked to one of her friends, who is also a member named Myriam Bueno, and went to church with her on Saturday to a Relief Society activity and then she went to church and Sunday and she loved it. She has gone to church a couple times in the past, but never felt the urge to keep going. Now she feels like this is the way that the Lord is trying to take her. It has been a miracle and her daughter came to church to and realized that a couple of her high school classmates are members of the church to. We are teaching another young man named Isaias, who is also looking for the true church. His best friends are members and he has been to church several times and knows all the church doctrine, but feels that he isn't ready to be baptized. We are trying to help him complete with commitments and read the Book of Mormon and feel that it is true. We are teaching another women that is named Liz Paola and she came to church on Sunday to. We haven't shared with her a lot, but she lives with members, so we hope to be teaching her and helping her.

Zone Conference: I had the last Zone conference of my mission on Friday. A Zone Conference is when a bunch of missionaries get together in the mission and we receive instructions from the Mission President. We read two talks, the first was called Start with the End in Mind and the second talk was called "The Power of Faith". The first one talked about helping people receive Temple blessing and how we should see the potential of everyone of our investigators, their potential to become like God. The second talk was about faith and how God can perform miracles according to our faith. In our mission with have a goal to baptize over 200 people this month and if we do so, it will be the first time in Paraguayan history that a mission baptized over 200 people in a month. Our goal is 204 and with our faith, God will bless us according to our desires. We also watched Meet The Mormons which is a church produced movie about 6 Mormon families and how the gospel has affected their lives and has been a blessing for them. I invite everyone one who reads this letter to go see it!!! It was absolutely awesome and I am not saying that because I am a member of the church, but if you have ever wondered what a Mormon is or why I am here in Paraguay, GO SEE IT!

I have learned so much and been so blessed. My companion is helping me understand the importance of being patient, humble, and loving others. I am trying my best to live a Christ-like life and have noticed that the more I try the more I become like him. I love you all and thank you for your love and support. Until next week.

Elder Jessop

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