Friday, December 19, 2014

12-8-14 The Very Best Days of My Life

Hello Friends and Family. This week was full of ups and down. I have felt sincerely humbled and tried this week by the Lord. I have learned though that when we have a positive attitude about our afflictions and when we humble ourselves to accept the will of the Lord, we really can see miracles and blessings in our lives even when Satan tempts you so much that you feel that you cant handle it. Christ is the way out, Christ is the help we all need, Christ is the way we all must follow, Christ is my Lord and I am grateful for him. As I strive to be like him and come closer to him, I feel the change he makes in my life. He destroys my natural man and refines my edges so that I can become smooth and perfect one day.

Tuesday: I did a division with an Elder Paul. He is from Garden Grove, California and he is a new missionary in the field. He lives like 20 minutes from where I live in Los Angeles which is pretty awesome! We had a super cool story. I am new to my area right so I am still getting to know it. I did this division in my area with Elder Paul and we got off our bus after our district meeting and started walking to our lunch appointment, or so I thought. We kept walking and walking and I didn't recognize anything until I heard a voice, "Elder!!". Elder Paul told me that it was the stake president, but the stake president doesn't live in our area. I that was when I realized I was lost and we had been walking 15 minutes in the wrong direction in an area of other missionaries haha. It was pretty amazing because of anyone we could have found it was the Stake President and he knew exactly where the person lived where we were going to go eat lunch. He drove us there. That was our mini miracle to start the day and the division! 

Wednesday: We met a really famous person. This guy is named REY DEL BARRO. In English that means, KING OF THE MUD. This guy is an artist that make sculptures out of clay. He is good at it and he gave us a free little clay pot so that we could remember him. He has some really cool stuff that I want to buy, but he isn't married, doesn't have kids, lives in his house by himself, and works. He travels a lot, but this man needs the gospel so that he can have an eternal perspective on his life. He was a super cool dude and when he has the gospel and accepts it he will see the blessings from it.

Thursday: I BOUGHT NEW SHOES!!! My old shoes are wrecked.

Yep those are my old shoes, but shoes in Paraguay are way cheap. I bought 2, 100 percent leather shoes, for 50 bucks. It was awesome and those should last me the rest of the way.
Friday: We did a service project with the Arzamendia family. We moved rocks.... hahaha. They want to make a cement floor and here they use rocks.

​After the service we had another division. This time I went with an Elder named Elder Gibson who is also from California. This division was rough. WE knocked doors from 1:30 to 8,no one was home and all of our appointments fell, but our perseverance paid ff when we finally got into a house a 8!! It was a miracle. A lot of afflictions and trials ring a lot of miracles and blessings if we suffer them with a good attitude and with faith in God.

Saturday: We made lunch. It was super American which makes sense because we are American. Chicken, Mashed taters, carrots with peas, and Mango juice.

This week was a hard one, but I am grateful for afflictions because we can learn from them. When we feel like we want to give up, like we deserve a break, or want to throw it all away. We can always look at the example of the Lord to press on. He loves each and every one of us and I know that if we follow his example we can endure to the end and become like god. sometimes he gives us trials to test us only to make us better. I love him and I am grateful that he is molding me into a better son, a better friend, a better brother, a better missionary, a better servant, a better man, a better future father, and a better disciple of Christ. He is the Christ and only through him and his Atonement may we be made whole. Matthew 12 states that all who come unto him will be given rest. He helped me so much this week and I am grateful for it.

I love you all! Thank you for the support and the letters.

Elder Jessop 

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