Wednesday, December 3, 2014

11-24-14 New Area, New Companion, New People, New City, New Life!!!!

Hello My Family and Friends and all those who are reading this letter. I'm very grateful for your love, support, and encouragement as I have been here on my mission. I have good news, I left the area of Tayuasapé and I have been moved to a place called Ybaté. It is awesome here. It is back in the city and of Asuncion and now far out in the Boondocks like some of my old areas. We live in an apartment (I will send pictures next week) and my new companion is from North Ogden, Utah. 
His name is Elder Huntsman and he was my MTC companion! It is fun to be together again. It was definitely the last companion that I thought I was going to get. I have learned the importance with him of establishing strong family relationships in our lives so that we can receive eternal blessings as a family. He has told me that if he didn't have such a strong family he probably wouldn't be in the mission. It has been an awesome past couple of days, of which I will share. I forgot my camera..... I will send pictures next week :).

Changes: On Wednesday we had our changes which are when we get new companions, areas, and things like that I left my companion Elder Hampton, I am going to miss him a ton. We were together 3 changes, but it was my time. I have met a lot of great people here in Ybate already. The area is relatively small. We can get from 1 side to the other walking in about 1 hour. The people are awesome. It is a big city, I am in the capital so it is a lot different. I am looking forward to this opportunity though to be here and work my tail off.

Capilla Abierta: We had a open house in one of the chapels in the stake and we were invited. The open houses here are like the visitors center in the temples. It was pretty fun and we lead tours and stuff with the people who came and saw it. I will send photos next week.

Thanksgiving: Elder Huntsman and I tried to buy a turkey here in Paraguay to celebrate Thanksgiving, but they cost over 100 dollars!!!! It was a joke haha. Thanksgiving doesn't get celebrated here, but we will have lunch that day so that is a blessing. 

I'm enjoying my mission. I will try harder next week to have something to say, my mind is tired and is going blank. We have a lot of activities this week so I will have a bigger letter next week.

I can feel my relationship with Christ grows daily as I read the scriptures and talk with him. I have realized that strict obedience to the commandments and mission rules bring blessings and fills our lives with peace. I love the mission. I have loved every second. By no means has it been easy, but it has been well worth it. I love my savior and I know that he lives. I know that I was with him before this life. I know that I chose to follow him then as I have received countless blessings as I have strived to follow him here to. 

Thank you for everything. I love all of you very much. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Elder Jessop

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