Friday, September 12, 2014

9/1/14 - I Hope They Call Me On A Mission...... (and that it never ends...) hehe

Hello, Family, Friends, Loved Ones, and all those who may be reading this email. I hope that you might feel the joy and love that is being sent from me to you, through a lovely computer screen here in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. I love love. Love makes the world go round. I'm tired a little. I had to wake up early today to go to a conference this morning and my eyes just want to shut haha, but don´t you fret! :) Now to get onto the week.

Tuesday: We had our district meeting. The elders and the sisters in the district are pretty awesome. One of the sisters goes home in October. We had our last district meeting before the changes and we decided to take a picture! The picture is like lop sided, but that is what happens when you put a timer on the camera and it takes its own foto. Also, Elder Hampton and I had to go to the hospital because I punched him in the face.... No just kidding, Elder Hampton had a big red bump on his face and everyone thought that I punched him haha. He got an infection and his face got super inflamed and red so we went to the doctors and he bought some pills and he is good as new :) I promise that I did not hit him. ;)

Wednesday: I am trying to remember what we did. I'm looking in my agenda to remember and it looks like we taught a couple of lessons and we met a guy named Paulino. Paulino is a guy that smokes a ton. Like 40 cigarettes a day. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted and showed a desire to stop smoking. We helped him put goals and plans so that we could help him stop. We hope to follow up with the goals but according to what we know, he has already dropped from 40 to 20. PROGRESS!!!! We also got two new sisters in our Zone. Hermana Boley from Alpine Utah and Hermana Weeks from Saint George Utah. Hermana Boley is the new Sister Leader Trainer in our Zone. We have 3 sets of Sister Leader Trainers in our mission. For those who don't know what a "Sister Leader Trainer" is all I know is that they help the sisters with planning & stuff. Doing divisions, studying, and helping them like a normal Elder Leader, just sisters. Hard to explain haha.

Thursday: We invited one of our investigators, Daisy, to get baptized on the 6 of September. She said yes and we are praying that everything goes well!! She is reading in the book of Mormon and Sunday we will verify how it is going. She has plans to come to church with her grandma!! We also had our Ward fun night and a ton of our investigators came. Mostly kids from 10 to 20 years old, but who doesn't like to play soccer. The missionaries don't play, but it is fun to watch! Christian also had his baptism interview. He passed it!! He is planing on getting baptized this Saturday!

Friday: I don't remember what happened on Friday..... Sorry.... All I've got written down in my agenda are the 6 lessons we taught. We taught Paulino, Christian, Oscar, Jose, and I don't remember the other two. I´ll do better next week :)

Saturday: I do remember everything that happened on Saturday!!!!!!! Christian got baptized!!!! It was an awesome baptism! Christian is the first of his family to get baptized. He is 13 and he is inviting all of his brothers and sisters to go to church and all of his friends go with him to the ward fun night. He said that he quit playing soccer on Sunday to come to church! He is awesome and it was a very spiritual day. We also had, in the morning, a youth activity in the stake were all the missionaries in the whole stake and all the teenagers in the whole stake got together and went out proselyting! It was fun. That is all :)

Sunday: Great day. Had 4 investigators in church. Paulino came!!! The one who is trying to stop smoking!! Daisy came to with her grandma!!!!! Christian came to get confirmed. Two other investigators came also named, Julieta and Yeison. We are helping them to. They both believe that the church is true, but there are little problems, but everything will work out the way it should.

Today: We had a meeting of leadership. Twice a year all the zone leaders, district leaders, and herman lideres entrenadoras get together with the mission president and we have a meeting. Every other month it is just zone leaders and sister leader trainers. It was a great meeting!!

I love being a missionary! It is going by fast. I'm enjoying it to the limit. There are no limits!! Celestial glory or nothing!! haha. I love you all and to all fare well!! Untill next week.

Elder Jessop

1.Our leadership meeting, all of us got here in the mission of the same day.
2.The same picture but with an Elder who wasn't in the first one
3.My old companion Elder Arrington

1. My companion drawing on the chalkboard.
3.Christian and friends!!!

1. District. We had changes.
2. I made Hamburger Helper (thanks mom and dad)
3. Me and Elder Guitarra.

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