Friday, September 19, 2014

9-8-14 / September

Hello Family and Friends. Cool things have been happening here in Paraguay. The week went by fast, like always... It is getting harder and harder to type in English, but I keep giving it a try. The week was spectacular and I am super happy and I hope you all enjoy my letter.

We did service this week! We cut down a tree (for those of you who don't know, I'm deathly afraid of heights). Elder Hampton went up in the tree and started cutting it and I just gathered all the stuff he cut and put it in piles. Then the family of which we were doing service started to laugh at me because I was afraid of heights. SO I mustered up my courage and climbed the tree to cut some branches off, I only got up to the lowest trunk there was, BUT that is an accomplishment. It took us about one and a half hours to cut the tree and it was super fun. We then ate lunch with the Ortega family and went on our way. We were pretty wiped out the rest of the day, but service projects are awesome. We are trying to do one at least once a week.

I also did a division with one of the elders in my zone from Columbia. His name is Elder Mejia and he has a little more time than I have in the mission. This same day we had Ward fun night and we brought a couple investigators. We had a family home evening as a ward and it was super fun and we ate hot dogs after!! Straight America right there. 

We had a couple lessons this week with a couple of our investigators. Here are the following: Deisy, The Salguiero Family, Celia, The Cabrera Family, Julieta and the Rosly family. Deisy went to church on Sunday and is planning on getting baptized in the short future and she is awesome!! The Salguiero family is having some trouble with fulfilling with their commitments. They love seeing us and sharing with us and they want to go to church, but when the day comes the advisory gets them and they don´t go. It is an awesome family and we might stop working with them for a while so that they can recognize the difference of when they feel the spirit and when they don't. Celia is a girl who is deaf and can't talk, but luckily her sons all can talk to her using sign language!! It really made me want to learn sign language. Her husband died about a year ago and they are struggling as a family to find refuge from that loss. THEY NEED THE GOSPEL!!! The Cabrera family is awesome. We always go there and help them peel garlic and then we teach. Christian is from this family, who got baptized last week and now we are working with his family members. The Rosly family are old investigators that are super interested in coming back to church again. Julieta came to church this Sunday and shared her testimony with the congregation. She is 11, our investigator, and a star. She will be getting baptized shortly as well :))).

There was a thunder storm this week and it was super strong. We spent it cleaning the church for Sunday :DDD. That is all.

I love the mission. I'm learning more and more everyday how to love and be more like Christ. I have never been more tired, stressed, or happy. It is all worth it. My time here is shrinking and I am happy that I have had so many spiritual experiences and times in my mission. I love my God. I'm so far from perfect, but I am getting there. Jesus Christ lives and loves us. May we all be able to accept that love and follow the example of Christ and walk how he walked. If we do it, we will be able to enjoy our place with him in his kingdom. I love my family and I cant wait to get sealed to them in the temple when I come home. Have a great week!!! I love each and every one of you and I hope my letters show that.

Elder Jessop

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