Friday, April 4, 2014

I Got Changed!!

Hello everyone!! I got some good news! I got changed!! I moved to Asuncion. I'm like in the city and it is giant. Cars everywhere, the houses are giant, it is chuchi(rich) land. I'll tell you about the week now.

Ettiene: I got moved to a place called Ettiene and I am a district leader again, fourth change in a row. In my district there are 3 companionship's of sisters & my companion, and I. My whole district is filled of sister missionaries. I cant do divisions, but I have the Sister Leader Trainers in my district, so they do divisions for me. I also have a new companion named Elder Arrington and he has 3 months less than me in the mission and is from Utah. I'm really excited to be here and I will let you all know about the miracles that happen here in Ettiene. We are looking for a house to move into, we don't have water here and I have been bucket bathing for the last 5 days which has been really fun. We literally fill up a bucket, get a bowl, and dump water over our heads. The amazing life of being in South America.

Dog: I sent pictures of a dog because my dog bandit looks exactly like the dog I met here in Paraguay, so I took a picture of it and sent it. It made me really happy. :D

Flood: It has rained 3 times this week and I guess when it rains the streets flood here too, even though we are in the city. It is really funny to see the crazy drivers drive in the rain. The drivers here are nuts and in the rain it is even worse with pot holes everywhere and stuff.

Scripture Covers: I also got some really COOL scripture covers for my Spanish scriptures. There is a guy here named Gustavo who makes scripture covers for the missionaries in all of Paraguay and he made mine too and they are sweet. I took and sent pictures so you can all see how cool they are. They were expensive too (for Paraguay), but way worth it. 

Soccer: We had our last district activity in my district in Paraguari and we played a lot of soccer and my team lost. (See photo of our team) There really isn't winning and losing but we lost.... Soccer here is like more important than everything. When your team loses it is like the end of the world and the World Cup in Brazil is coming up, so things are about the get crazy, but luckily Paraguay didn't get in, but I feel really bad for the missionaries in Brazil. They are not going to be able to leave for days.

Things are going great here in Paraguay. Time is flying really fast. I haven't been here that long, but it has been a long time. I'm loving every second and learning everyday. I learned a really good lesson about listening to the Spirit and the importance of having it always with you. We need to invite good things into our lives so that we can have the spirit, if not we will loose it. It is a blessing to have the gift of the Holy ghost in my life. I just did my shopping for the week and it is time to finish. I have been on for 59 minutes, so that means that it is time to get out of here. Love your guts! Have a great week & please and stay safe :D

Elder Jessop

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