Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 2 of Ettiene

This week it rained. I sent pictures of a flood last week, but this week it was way worse and we are looking for a new house, so I happened to have my camera with me because I have to take pictures of houses. Yeah anyways HI. I'm doing great here from Paraguay. I'm on a computer here in a Cyber place and there are 2 kids next to me listening to country music.... It is really weird. I'm going to tell you all what happened this week now.

Rain: Yea so it rained for three days straight and the roads flooded. It was quite the experience. A lot of the cars got stuck and we did too. That day we taught 1 lesson to a girl named Lorena. It stopped raining for 30 minutes so she let us in haha. We were pretty wet, but we did a lot of things and we found a lot of people knocking on houses. A lot of the houses here have big giant gates and have speaker boxes, so you can walk up on a house that has one of these and they don't even leave the house. They just say "Que dicen". We found a nice trick that keeps us healthy and gets the people to leave their house. WE ASK FOR WATER!! Here in Paraguay it is really hot and the people feel bad, so sometimes when the people don't leave the house right away to talk to us, we ask for water and they come out and we talk to them. In my other areas that wasn't a problem, but here asking for water has worked great! In the rain it doesn't because know one wants to leave in the rain, but it works when it is not raining. 

FRANCISO VIñas: This last Wednesday a 70 came to talk to us name Francisco Viñas. He is a leader of the church here in South America and he talked to us a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what we have to do to accept him into our lives so we can be better missionaries. It was a great conference and it really helped me remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for me. He died for me and through him I can be saved if I do my part. He has already done his, it's just up to me and everyone of us to do our own part.

LUNCH: Elder Arrington and I cooked on Wednesday too before the conference and we made an egg thing. He washed the potatoes and chopped them and cooked them. I cut the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and hot dogs and cooked them all and then we mixed the potatoes with the other stuff and it was a great lunch that we might do again this week.

Everything is going great here. We are working with 4 investigators right now named Lorena, Jorge, Arnaldo and Elizabeth. Jorge went to church Sunday, Lorena is going to get baptized and Arnaldo and Elizabeth want to live according to the laws of God. I will let you know more about them next week.

I love you all and I hope that you all have great weeks filled with laughter. Always gotta laugh sometimes.

Elder Jessop

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