Friday, April 25, 2014

General Conference‏!!

Hello everyone today is a great Monday here in Paraguay! 
Nice and hot and I'm like sweating from every pore. It is not the most attractive thing in the world, but attractiveness rules fly out the window as a missionary. A couple great things happened this week and I'd like to tell you guys all that happened, so I will. Obvio.

Tuesday: We had the district meeting and the sisters and my companion are awesome. I've got the sister leader trainers in my district and they do work. It is definitely different coming from a district of all Elders and coming here. During the district meeting we talked about the importance of studies and how we need to have efficient study sessions to have the spirit with us daily, so we can be guided to the people the Lord needs us to meet.

Wednesday: We had interviews with the President of the mission, President Aggazani. He is from Argentina so his accent is really different from the Paraguayans. My interview was like 20 minutes, usually they are 5 to 10 min. His timer on his phone went off to tell him that he needed to end the interview and he just kept going. We talked a lot about plans and how we have to have plans so that we can achieve our desires. Then he talked to me about girls & how I can't just go home one day and have a plan to date every girl I can, but I have to have specific plans and cut down the girl pool so that it is easier to find the girl that I am looking for. That was an awesome interview. Desires with specific plans leads to specific results.
I also got my giant package from my parents this day. It was like 15 kilos which is like 35 pounds. I got my package from the mission office, I had to carry it to the bus stop, had to get on the packed bus with it, then I had to walk a mile from the bus stop to my house with a 35 pound square box. You should have seen the peoples faces when they saw me. Blonde guy walking around the street with a big old box. That was quite the adventure. My parents sent me Oreo's, Cheese Its, canned foods, a party bag of Reese's Pieces, pudding, apple sauce, and peanut butter. They sent me a jump-rope too, which I have used every day since. It was almost like my parents thought I was starving or something haha. I thank my parents for the box, but the best part by far was the bubble wrap. I'm still popping every little bubble I can. 
I also had to go to the doctors today for the first time on my mission. I have an eye infection it turns out, so I bought some drops and I should be good as new. The presidents wife told me that I needed to go, so I went. I´ll let you guys know if it goes away next week.

Thursday: Weekly Planning, nuff said.

Friday: Friday was a great day. What happened exactly I don't remember, but I know that it was great. I will take better notes next week.....

Saturday and Sunday: These two days we had General Conference, which is a semiannual conference that the church does every 6 months. It was awesome and we had two investigators go. If any of you didn't have the opportunity to hear the conference you can get on and look them up. The North Americans were in one room watching it in English and the rest where in the Sacrament room watching it in Spanish. I watched two sessions in Spanish because of our investigators, but it was still pretty cool. Hearing the words of the living prophets and apostles was excellent. 

I know the church is true. I know that there are living prophets and apostles on the earth today and that they are called of God. 
The mission is going by fast. It is April already and before I know it I will be home.. I have felt the love of the Lord in my life and I know he lives. 

Elder Jessop

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