Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week Went By Fast‏..........

Greetings from a big city in Paraguay. Good old Elder Jessop is here to lead the way with a great letter to write to everyone. This week went by fast! I was thinking today about what I was going to write to you all and the only day I could remember was yesterday and as it so happens, yesterday was a great day. 4 investigators went to church yesterday!!! I'm going to tell you a little bit about them in a second.

Jorge: Jorge is a guy that lives with his dad. When we met him he wasn't working, his wife had just had a miscarriage of his two kids that were going to be born and he was pretty upset at God. His first question to us was, "Why would God leave a guy without a job and why would he take two of my kids away from me if he really is loving." I will tell you right now at the moment I didn't know what to say, then I thought about his question long and hard and I opened up the scriptures and we tried to teach him why something like that would happen. The scriptures are a powerful tool to invite the spirit. The next time we visited him during our visit he told us that he had found a job and that we brought him good luck, then I remembered the importance of recognizing God when he blesses us. He then came to church last week and yesterday he came to church again. His job makes it hard for us to visit him, but he is progressing very well and is way happier than the first time we met him.

Arnaldo and Elizabeth: These two also went to church yesterday with their 2 year old son. They are not married, but they want to get married and they want to start keeping the commandments of God and they came to church and it was really funny what happened. They got lost and right before sacrament we had to go find them and they were walking in the complete opposite direction. At least we found them and they made it to church and they are awesome.

Josefina: This girl was a contact who has been to the United States several times and the first thing she told us was that she wanted to go to church. AND SHE CAME!!! It was awesome! We called her Sunday morning and she was like yeah I'm coming. She had a great time and she sat with the Relief Society President. We haven't actually taught her yet, but we are going to her house tomorrow. We will find out more about her tomorrow.

Honestly I am having a great time. I love it here. It is a lot of work and my body is definitely getting its use, but it is amazing all the things that are happening. I'm changing. The members of my family are changing too. I love every second. I know that the church is true and I invite everyone who reads this email to find out for themselves if it is true. I know it is, if I didn't I wouldn't be spending two years of my life here, but I know it is true. I am giving two years of my life for the salvation of many. It is worth every second.

Elder Jessop

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