Thursday, May 1, 2014


This week went by way fast and some things might of happen, I'm going to try and tell you them.

Walking: We walked at least 20 miles this week at least. All we do is walk and I'm lucky that my shoes are staying together because here they have stuff called empadrada and is it basically compacted rock into the ground. It hurts to walk on sometimes and my shoes are holding up so that makes me happy. 

Zone Conference: This week we had a zone conference and we studied a talk by an apostle named Elder Bednar about the importance of being a missionary that Preach My Gospel teaches us to be. We studied a lot about that and how we can always try to keep improving and never stay in a static state. 

Eyes: My eyes are getting better. I still have an infection in my right one, but the doctor said to keep using the eye drops and I will be fine. I am not going to lie, but sometimes I forget on purpose because I hate eye drops. My mom and sister used to have to tie me down to put eye drops in my eyes, but they will heal soon. 

Food/Work out Plan: OK in case you all haven't noticed, I have been gaining a little bit of weight thanks to the Paraguayan food. The food here is not very healthy for you at all. I have made a plan for exercising and eating so that I can get back to my normal weight and be good again. My exercise plan consists of:
                1. 1 thousand jump ropes
                2. 100 push ups (30-25-20-15-10)
                3. 50 russian twists
                    40 abdominales
                    30 knees to chest
                    20 leg lifts
                    100 flutter kicks
               4. 50 double jumps.
An I got 30 minutes to do it all. It is good fun and I hope it helps me loose the paraguayan fat I have gained jajaja. I also am trying to eat better and tell members healthier foods. Whenever I say that I don't want more because I am full they think I don't like the food and they get offended, so I end up eating more so they don't get offended, but I get fatter. There is a win win situation here and when I find it I will tell you all haha.

Love you all. I am out of time. Have a great week!! Que Dios les bendiga.

Elder Jessop

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