Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/20/15 - The Power of Prayer‏

Hello Family and Friends. Another week has come and gone really fast. Time has no mercy. This week was super awesome. There were a lot of activities that I´d like to share with you and I hope you enjoy the letter.

Divisions: I did 2 divisions this week with Elder Samaniego (Peru) and Elder Allton (St. George, Utah). 
I do divisions about every week, but I thought I´d tell you anyways. 

Baptism Interviews: I did 4 baptism interviews this week, which are the best and spiritually uplifting. Three of them were of the Ocampos Family and the other was of a young 20 year old adult named Bernardino. I love baptism interviews. I've only done about 50 in my mission ,but each one is a spiritual experience and it is a great privilege to get to know people that have come to know that the gospel is true and that are wanting to be baptized in the church. 

Investigators: We are teaching still: Liz Paola, Andrea and Mateo Molinas, Dario and Alba Centurion, Gerardo Fleitas, The Feika Family and the Acosta Family. Liz Paola is trying really hard to find the truth. She just needs the pray and ask God!! She has never constantly prayed in her life and we are trying hard to help her with her prayers. Gerardo is the husband of a member who is active and he started coming to church. We have a family home evening planned for this Wednesday and we hope to helped him  be baptized on the 26th of April. Dario and Alba is a special case, we are trying to help them get married and baptized, but their case is special. they came to church last week and are progressing a lot. Andrea and Mateo are grand kids of a member. Their whole family are members except for their mom. We are trying to teach them all, Andrea and Mateo came to church on Sunday and we just need to ask permission for their mom and they will be able to get baptized. There are a lot of investigators to teach and the end goal is always the same; helping them make covenants with the Lord through baptism. Elder Zamora and I are working hard. 

Shoes: I am coming to the close of my mission and I have gone through a couple pairs of shoes. This week my shoes just fell apart and I didn't know what to do haha. My companion and I decided to tape them for the day/ (Don't worry mom I have other shoes that I will wear). It was a terrible idea, but I learned not to tape shoes again haha.

I learned the importance of Prayer this week. I finished the Book of Mormon and I realized how easy the Lord has made it to know the truth. I am so grateful for prayer and the privileged that it is to be a missionary. I have love every second, every tear, every laugh, every feeling, every person and every moment that I have had here

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