Thursday, April 9, 2015

3/30/15 - LIGHT

Hello Family and Friends, this week was very fulfilling and I enjoyed it. It has been raining the past 4 days, but that hasn't downed our spirits. Apparently every year around this time it rains. I would like to tell you about the week.

Military Hospital: There is a foundation here in Paraguay called Operation Smile and what they do is they do surgery on the babies that are born without a lip, get it, operation SMILE. It is a super awesome foundation and they are located here in Asuncion. We had the privileged to go and help move some things for their foundation. The girl in charge knew how to talk in English. This week I met like 3 people that tried talking to me in English, it was bizarre. 

Changes: This last Wednesday was change day. a couple missionaries went home and a couple of missionaries came to the mission. I'm staying in Barrio Obrero with my companion Elder Zamora. It turns out that he will be my last companion and I am in my last area because I am going into my last change. It has been pretty unreal and quite a blessing to be here with Elder Zamora. He has taught me a lot and I have really learned the importance of Christ-like living with him. 

The biggest news that happened this week is that we had 3 baptisms:

From left to right: Elder Jessop (hehehe), Ausucena, Susana, and Isaias. Asucena is the daughter of Susana and it was a blessing to find them and Isaias is a reference of The Galeano Family:

This is a part of the family that introduced Isaias to the gospel. Isaias had a really spiritual experience. He took the decision to get baptized on Friday. He wasn't sure, he had been going to church and listening to us, but he had not yet had a manifestation of the spirit. We decided to go into one of the rooms of The Galeano Families house and pray. We invited Isaias to ask God if he needed to get baptized. He asked and received his answer and got baptized. It is amazing how simple the invitation of the Lord is. It was a truly wonderful experience to see them all get baptized. Quite a few people come to support, including our other two converts: Rodrigo and Ramon

One of our other investigators came to the baptismal service to. Her name is Liz Paola and she is the girl in the turtle neck purple long sleeved sweater. Liz Paola came to church on Sunday and is planning on getting baptized the 11th of April. the whole thing was a great experience.

I have been trying my best to make goals to try and be not only a better missionary, but a better person as well. My whole mission I have tried my best to represent the Lord in the best way that I can. I am grateful for the mission. It has been such a wonderful blessing and has really helped me to become more Christ like and live like he lived. I read a scripture the other day in 3rd Nephi 12:48 that says, "I would like to you to be perfected like I am perfect...(paraphrased.)" god wants us to be perfect and that is why he sent his son Jesus Christ to help us in that desire that we can all have. Although the mission ends for all missionaries, the goal and desire to become like The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ doesn't end and will never end. The is what I look forward to most. I look forward to becoming like my God. I know that I can through his Atonement. This week I exhort you all to think of the Savior and remember what he did for you. I know that he lives and because he lives, we will all live again one day.

With all the love that I posses 
Elder Jessop

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