Friday, July 25, 2014

7-14-14 The Powerful Function of The Holy Ghost

Hello Family and Friends!! We have changes in two days and I'll be getting a new companion because Elder Villar is now finishing his mission and he will be going back to Chile this Wednesday. I'll be letting you all know who my new companion is next Monday. I'll give you guys a hint of who it might be. It will be an American, or a Latin. That's all I got.

This last Tuesday we had our Capacitación de Zona and it was my first one where I actually taught the missionaries about what our Mission President wants us all to know. We learned about the importance of developing talents in every aspect of our life and the importance of using them so that we don't lose them. We read in the scriptures about the parable of the talents and how it doesn't matter how many talents we have, nor how many talents we develop in our lives as long as we develop them. In the same parable there is a man who is given a talent and he hides it from the world, so that he doesn't loose it. The Lord then chastises him for not having develop his talents and he takes his talent away from him and gives it to the man with 10 talents. The point is that we can develop our talents in any circumstance and we should develop them and if we do, we will be able to enter into the fold of the Lord and be one of his worthy servants. May we all develop our talents so that God will accept us and bless us with more. 

We had quite a few activities in the ward this week because we had our ward conference. Tuesday we had a Paraguayan food night (SOOO GOOOD) and we played a ton of sports and games. 
The missionaries and I just watched and ate but it was very fun. Thursday we had some activities and we did a scripture chase, kids verses adults. Unfortunately I had to go with the adults.... It was really fun and we learned the importance of enduring to the end so that we may partake of the greatest blessing that God has given us, eternal life. Saturday we had an activity where we basically learned of the origin of the Ward and its construction. It's a very new ward and it isn't even 10 years old. It has been a real blessing to be here. I sent a picture of the members that were there in one of the activities. 

I learned a ton this week of the importance of the spirit and how we cant do nothing without it, or we will not be doing the will of God. When we have the spirit we are guided by the hand of God and he can then use us as his instruments, but if we don't have the Spirit, he can't use us. That is why we don't watch TV, listen to worldly music, and do other worldly things. Not that those things are bad, but they make the Spirit go away. I love the Spirit and it has really made my life much more happy.

I've really tried to change and be more like Christ. It is very hard sometimes to understand my divine perspective and how I can be like him some day when I am so imperfect. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can be like him one day and I will be. I'm trying to do my best and I hope that my God will be happy with me in the end. I am happy, blessed and I feel the love of the Lord daily. I hope to share that with others. May you all feel Gods love and recognize his hand in your lives. May he bless you all with happiness and peace.

Elder Jessop

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