Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6-23-14 Arnaldo!‏

Hello everyone. I'm Elder Jessop and I'm no longer a teenager. 

I turned a wopping 20 years old on Saturday. We celebrated with a baptism!! A young man got marrried and baptized on Saturday named Arnaldo. Even though the cake was for him and his wedding I considered it as my birthday cake haha. That was a great day on Saturday. I can´t forget either that there are 2 of us. 

Gemelos: For all of you that don't know, I am a twin and I have a sister who was born 1 minute and 16 seconds after me (according to my parents). This twin of mine is named Hannah. Hannah and I have been roaming around the planet together since we were just wee ones. Birthdays together, Halloween costumes together (one year I was green grapes, and she was purples grapes, another year we were the king & queen of hearts parents are so smart ;)) This year is the first year that my sister and I have not been together to celebrate our birthday, but there is a bright side. There is always next year. There will always be another birthday, but there will never be another mission. I will never have another chance to be a missionary in the same capacity as I am being one now. Hannah so I guess we will have to party hard next year for the big number 21!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Happy Birthday Hannah. I hope it was great! Next June we will go nuts together

Arnaldo: Arnaldo had his wedding and baptism on Saturday. I took a bunch of photos but it is taking forever to send them because I accidentally changed the mega pixels and I can only send like 2 every email but it is worth it!!! It was a great day, believe it or not the cake that says Arnaldo and Maria is a cake that Elder Villar and I made. It was a great cake. Everyone wanted more so that was good. Elder Villar had the opportunity to baptize him and there were tons of people there in the marriage!! It was a great birthday and a great day for Arnaldo and Maria. Now they will be able to prepare themselves to go to the temple. 

Zone Conference: We had a Zone Conference with 4 Zones and I took pictures of that. It was great.

Love you guys. I have to go. Have a great week!

Elder Jessop

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