Friday, July 18, 2014

7-7-2014 Jaha Ñapymi Kuera‏!!!

  • Hi Family and Friends. Not going to lie, every day I realize that I have a day less to go in Paraguay. Gotta make it last right. I just can´t stop thinking about how happy I am. I am just so happy all the time. If you are not happy, you might want to change something in your life in order to be happy because being happy is absolutely awesome. This week was fast and a lot of miracles happened and it rained again. I'm starting to have memories again of the last winter in Paraguay that I had. Rain, rain, and more rain. Awesome life of a missionary.

  • Miopía: I found out the other day that I have a miopia. I'm still not sure if that is a Spanish, an English word, or a crazy word that only the doctors use, but in English it means that I am short sighted, which means that in my right eye I can't see from far away. That doesn't make a lot of sense, but that is what they said and I'm going with it. That's why I am using glasses now. My head finally adjusted to having to wear glasses and I am finally used to them. I had my cat scan too and I don't have any brain damage, so I am 100 percent sure that the bump I got in the MTC a year ago is not the culprit for the lose of eye sight. The cat scan was nuts. They trapped me in a machine and I laid there for 30 minutes. Technology these days.

  • Divisions: I did divisions this week with an Elder from Utah. He is working in the smallest area in the mission. It is 16 by like 12 blocks. It is really small and I learned about the importance of testifying about everything. I have really seen a growth in my testimony of the church since I have left. Just one of the blessings of the mission.

  • Companion: My companion, Elder Villar, is going home to his house in Chile in 1 week. I have really been thinking a lot about how little time I have. That the mission passes by really fast. 2 years is nothing in comparison to a lifetime or the eternities. I really feel like my time has gone by really fast. It is difficult to understand. Other missionaries know how I feel. I've got 10 months left and I am enjoying it the best that I can. I love being a missionary and even though it is short, a person never has to stop being a missionary. We can always share the gospel with whoever, whenever, and wherever. I love sharing the gospel. It makes me happy and that is enough for me and I know it is enough for my Heavenly Father.

Elder Jessop

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