Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello everyone!! I have 15 minutes to tell you all that's happened!! Happy Easter!

Tuesday: We had a district meeting and the Zone Leaders came to it, so we were not the only Elders and we learned a lot about the importance of being with members and talking to them often and how we should use them. We also learned how we can always invite people to be baptized the first lesson and even the first time we meet them. Tuesday we also had to cook at home and that was a small but delicious meal.

Wednesday: We had an awesome lesson with a girl named Josefina who went to church this week and we are teaching her a lot and she is preparing to be baptized in the church soon. She is awesome and I will let you guys know more about her later. We also ate at a members house on Wednesday, we ate like milanea which is a meat type thing and it was one of the first houses that had a salad here so I ate all of it.

Thursday: The rain started on Thursday. Here in Paraguay for Easter they have a thing called Semana Santa and everything is canceled. This day we were invited to a members house to eat dinner named Estela and she gave us chicken and meat. That evening we also had the chance to be apart of a blessing of a house of some members who just moved in. The Melgareho family. 

Friday: Friday it rained hard. I taught my first lesson in English too while we were in a members house. He knows English and he has Parkinson's disease and we are trying to help him. The Relief Society went to his house and cleaned everything, which was very nice. His name is Javier and he also gave us a music player that looks like a plane. I took a pic and I'm sending it to you.

Saturday: It rained a ton today too, but it was an awesome day while we were walking in the rain. I had a baptism interview this day too of a guy who is like 70 and he doesn't want to get baptized yet until he feels better health wise.... He is 70 and I pray that he gets healthier so that he can get baptized.

Sunday: EASTER SUNDAY!! Here they don't do Easter egg hunts, but church was very awesome. Josefina came to church and the bishop talked about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and how one day we will all be resurrected like he was. 

I had an experience that kinda rocked my world. We ran into a couple of 20 and 18 years old kids yesterday and we taught them about Jesus Christ and we invited them to be baptized, but the 18 year old couldn't stop laughing. I find out that right before we got there he was smoking marijuana. We are going back there Tuesday, but after the lesson I realized in what different stages in our lives we are in. We are the same exact age, but in levels totally different. I look forward to being apart of his change of heart, but it was amazing to see how equal we are in terms of age, but also how different and far apart we are in the stages of our life. For that I am grateful for Heavenly Father and his love. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice.

I love you all. Today we are doing an Easter Egg Hunt. I am way excited. New change is in 3 days and we got new agendas.!! Love you all be safe!

Elder Jessop

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