Sunday, December 8, 2013

It´s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas‏

HEY EVERYBODY. Elder Jessop has just hit the 5 month mark here in Paraguay and I've been away from home for a while too. Like 6 months or something like that. All the days kinda blur together sometimes. 

Thanksgiving: The Thanksgiving here in Paraguay was awesome. I gave a lot of thanks to people who I talked too. They said some things in Guaraní too. I'm guessing they were giving thanks to me too. I love the Paraguayos. They are my heart and soul. Not going to lie, there actually was not a Thanksgiving here in Paraguay because it is an American Holiday, but in all it was an awesome day. 

Cerro Porteno: Here in Paraguay there are two soccer teams, ones named Olympia and the other is Cerro Porteno. They play almost every Sunday and the teams are arch rivals and the way the missionaries can tell when they are playing is by watching the people. Everyone has soccer jerseys, beer, and a radio or TV to listen to the game. The other night there was a parade because Cerro won. It was cool to watch from the balcony of my house. My companion has stickers on one of his book of Mormon carrying cases and he shows it to everyone because he likes Olympia. It is pretty cool.

December 8, 2013: OK I know that this date has not past yet, but this date is a very special date for all of Paraguay. On December 8th, THE WHOLE COUNTRY literally walks from where they live in Paraguay to a city called Cacupee. They all walked for days to this city to go celebrate. This day is a Holiday where the people go. Some people go to give thanks to the virgin Maria, some people go to party, some people go to sale stuff. I will let you know a little more of what will happen on that day as it comes.

Luz Maria: We have 3 investigators name Luz Maria, Maria Nancy and Maria Soledad. They are a family and they came to church on Sunday!!!! They are awesome and really wanted to get baptized at first and then Luz Maria didn't go to church for two  weeks and changed her mind, and she went to church again yesterday and said that she wanted to get baptized!!!! Esoty tan feliz no puedo explicar mi felicadad en ingles por eso estoy escribiendo en español. AHHH!!!!!

Yea that's my life. I have been out here for a little while now and I just want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity I have to be out here. I love my God. I have learned that he has a plan for everyone of his children and his plan is one of happiness. There is no greater joy I have ever felt in my life. I love these people, I love this work, I love my God. 

Mateo 28:19 - Id y haced discipulos bautizando en el nombre del Padre, del hijo, y del Espíritu Santo.

Mom I love you. Have a great week.

Elder Jessop

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