Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello Everyone!!! 

It's almost Christmas! In a few short weeks I will be skyping my family in the States for Christmas. I'm thinking that that's a pretty good Christmas present. I've got a lot of good news this week!

Baptism: There were two baptisms this week!!!! YAY!!!!! 
A women named Luz Maria and her daughter Maria Soledad were baptized this Friday. It was awesome! It was really a great sight to see. We had been teaching them the gospel & then a change came & they felt the spirit and the work helped a lot because they got baptized! 

Watermelon: I also had a watermelon. I cut it open for lunch and ate half of it. It was awesome and it was all I had to eat for lunch so I ate it. It was really good but not as good as the watermelons my grandma picks! ( Love you GMA). Here the watermelon is really popular they just have truckloads full of them and they sell them on the street! I buy one every week now because they are only here in the summer!

HACE CALOR: It is starting to get really hot here. For those of you who have cell phones just check the weather report here in Paraguay. In January it gets up to 110 or 120 degrees. It is terrible. Gotta drink a lot of water but it's OK. I'll just eat a bunch of watermelons. That will save me.

I love being a missionary there is nothing else like it. I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy the pictures that I sent. The changes are next Wednesday so I'll find out if I'm staying or if I'm moving next Wednesday. I love you all. Especially my mom. Love you mom. 

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Elder Jessop

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