Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Mission‏

Hola personas. Hi people, how are you? Today a group of kids in a bus yelled at two missionaries and said hello, It was very funny. And a lot of people know my name that I have never even seen before. They just yell Elder and nothing else. I don't know if they are talking to me or if they are talking to Elder Morgan it really confuses us. Another thing that is really chistoso (funny) is that when people yell Mormones at us we just yell back at them Catholicos!! And then we teach them the gospel and one day they will be Mormon too when they accept the truth into their lives. Yea those are funny things that happen to us. 

This week we taught a part member family se llama La Familia Britos. She wants to be baptized, but she wants to wait until her son turns 8 so they can be baptized together. She needs to be baptized like yesterday so she can be an example for her 8 year old son. They also need to get married too. That is a small impediment, but they are going to get married. They already told us haha. We will keep teaching them and they are tan buenos.

We also taught a lesson to a different part member family but this time the daughter, Paola is a member, and the mom is Catholico. She went to our church for three years and didn't get baptized. 3 YEARS!!!!!! That is a long time to go to church and not be baptized. We are going to baptize her too. She said she will read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and we are going to keep teaching her with her daughter. She is great. We are going to eat lunch with them next Sunday.

I went on divisions twice this week. My companion is the district leader so I go on divisions a lot. This time though I stayed in my area and Elder Morgan went to a different area, so I actually had to know where to go. And by the way there are no street names here, this is how we get directions. We ask where do you live? They say, I live two blocks straight three blocks to the right and a half block to the left in a blue house. That seems easy right? It's not. Especially in Spanish. Sometimes we never find the house. Sometimes they lie to us too, which isn't very nice but that's life. Anyways I went on divisions this week with one of the Zone Leaders which was podete y te and I went on divisions with Elder Guzman, who is a missionary that has the same amount of time here as me. Yes we went out and we barely know Spanish and we taught people, it was awesome and really helped us a lot to learn.
Anyways I love you guys- There is something I learned that was really profound this week. Friday I went on divisiones with Elder Guzman. It was pouring rain, there was mud everywhere, It was cold. My body was wet. We walked probably six miles in the rain at least and it was something that really helped me realize why I am here. I thought to myself at 8:30 at night and I told Elder Guzman in the rain. And I quote myself: "I don't know how anyone could be on a mission if they didn't want to be here. It is pouring rain, I am cold, I am wet, I am hungry, I am tired, It is dark, It is really dangerous, and I love it. I don't have to be here, but I am here, and I want to be here, otherwise I am wasting my time. I want to be here. I love it." (End Quote) This is the hardest thing I have every done in my life. Hands down no question. At the same time it is the best thing I have done in my life. God has blessed me with so much and I am here to serve him. To give my heart to the Lord so he can mold me into someone worthy of his presence. I love spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have so much to learn and I have only just begun. I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon. I Love it. I have never been so happy in my life. I know this church is true and that is why I am here. To spread my happiness to everyone I meet.

Thank you all for the emails and the prayers. I can feel your love and support in my life as I serve and give myself to this work. I hope you all are well and enjoy my letters. More will come. Every Monday. Have a great week.
Elder Jessop

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  1. Elder Jessop, you make me so proud to say you are my grandchild ! I love you with all my heart, may the Lord continue to bless you with such a humble sweet spirit ! Love, Grandma Jessop