Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reunion de Entrenamientos

Hey everyone this is Elder Jessop speaking from your friendly neighborhood of Paraguay Asuncion. I am actually in a city called Caauguazuu, but that is OK. I bought a Caaguazuu sticker that says yo amo Caauguazzu. It is purete sheda. Guarani is an awesome language. 
Anyways I love you all and I finally sent pictures to my dad so you guys can see my place. Well it is not my place but ya know. Anyways this week every companionship that is training a missionary a.k.a. me. I went to Asuncion this week for a training meeting to help us learn more about how to train. My English is terrible sorry.
This meeting was great, we got to see my mission president and he talked to us a lot. We had the most baptisms in the month of June than all of South America south missions. Which includes every mission in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Paraguay Asuncion is baptizing a fool. I know I will get to baptize someone one day but I am being patient. We have investigators but they don't like to go to church. Especially when it is cold. They are always working or just doing something else. I hope you guys enjoy the letter and pictures. I don't have a lot of time because I sent pictures but that is OK.
Something else cool that happened this week is the assistentes to the president came to my area and did divisions with the other trainers in the area. There are 3 in Caguazuu. I have a trainer and 2 other missionaries are being trained in Caaguazuu.  The other two had divisions with the assistentes. They lived in my house. I live with the zone leaders too. I live with a lot of leaders. My trainer is also the district leader. I sent a picture of the 6 of us. Anyways got to go. Love simo. I love it here. God lives and again sorry for my terrible English.
Much Love

Elder Jessop

                                                       Me with the District Leader
                                                       My Closet
                                                       My Desk
                                                       My Bed
                                                       Area around our house
                                                       Our Kitchen

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  1. Ha'upe Elder Jessop! You may remember me from Harbor Ward, Barry Nelson, Ted and Debbi's oldest son. I served my mission in Paraguay as well, Asuncion North.

    Hace mucho tiempo que estaba alla, pero expecto que la gente es lo mismo; amable y humilde.

    I'm jealous that you're in Paraguay right now. Love every second of it. Do everything you can to learn Guarani, many doors will be opened and hearts will be softened when you can speak to someone in the language of their heart. Ijetu'u la Guarani, aikua'a pea. Pero, ene'e, ene'e ha ene'e ha nde rejapote milagros porque Nandejara te bendecira.