Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paraguay and Rain and Cold‏

!Hola¡ This is your friendly neighborhood missionary reporting for duty. No it is actually just a missionary in Paraguay serving the Lord, but I am pretty friendly. According to my high school yearbook, I am the most friendly guy in my grade. What what. Anyways that doesn't matter. This is Elder Jessop. I'm in a tienda right now as I write called tigo which is like a mini Internet cafe. It is pretty cool.
It rained for the first time since we have been here on Wednesday. Like serious rain. And my umbrella broke, but that is OK! I had a nice warm jacket to wear which was nice. The umbrella of my companion broke too. Kinda odd. It has been freezing here the last couple days. Like really cold. OK not freezing like Utah or Rexburg, but cold. It is really fun though. People think we are crazy because we are out in the rain preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, but people are always nice to us.
I am loving it. Tomorrow I will have been away from my house in California for 2 months. That is a pretty long time if you think about it hard.
We have a lot of studying to do and I am really learning a lot. My Spanish has gotten pretty good. A lot of people are surprised that two white guys from north America can speak Spanish. My companion is fluente so it is nice to have a companion that is fluente, but I am learning a lot.
OK I have 3 minutes left.
I love you all. I want you all to know that. I appreciate your emails and your love. I love it here. It is beautiful. Un poco peligrosso pero muy bonito. The people here are really nice usually and like talking to us.
WE have witnessed several miracles here and we have a lot of progressing investigators that want to be baptized in a couple weeks. I will tell you guys more about that next week. My grammar in English is terrible because all I speak now is Spanish.
Elder Jessop

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