Friday, July 19, 2013

Paraguay Week Two‏

Hey everybody, I have like no time. I'm going to tell you about my life.
We walk 6 to 8 miles a day, It's awesome.
I can speak Spanish to a lot of people, It's awesome.
I'm a missionary, It's awesome.
I'm in an Internet little place writing you guys. It's awesome.
This place is beautiful, I promise I will send pictures next week. I'm struggling to find time to do anything. We are always busy teaching the Word of God.
To those of you who have emailed me and haven't received an email back from me its because I have no time. Grandma I'm really sorry, I love you. I have no time, Next Week.
I have to write The President of my misión in Spanish. Which is really good practice. I can go a full day without saying English now too, Only Spanish. People if you guys could here me speak Spanish you would be amazed. The gift of tongues is real. If you don't know what that is you can go on and look it up or you can go to church on Sunday and ask someone off of 9th Street and Western.
Anyways I hope you are all doing great, I haven't gotten sick yet which is a good thing. My mom and dad are worried sick. You should read their emails. The email might as well say please don't die Hahaha. I will be back safe and sound though. Probably 30 pounds lighter but that is OK. I have the weight to loose that's for sure right mom.
The food here by the way is really normal. The staples here are rice and pasta. I like rice and pasta so I am satisfied. They have frosted Flakes. I like cereal so that is bueno. They have ALOT of bread and I can eat bread for days so that is bueno too.
Grandma Jessop: Your birthday is coming up, or it happened already. I know it is in July but I cant remember the actual date, but please forgive me. I want to wish you a happy happy birthday. They say with each age they grow wiser. You are the wisest one in our family, so it is not like you need much more wiseness. You can give some of the wiseness to me, I need it. I'm only 19. Love you grandma
Got to go. I love you all.
Elder Jessop

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