Monday, November 24, 2014

11-3-14 November!

Hey everyone!!! I am in the cyber and I am having an emotional shock because my mission has flashed before my eyes. It has been a wild ride and a very enriching experience that I will never forget and I have loved every second. This week was very fulfilling. I did 3 divisions, there was a baptism, we had our district activity, mission leader meeting, and church was awesome.

Luz Maria: There is a family in our area that we are trying to reactivate that hasn't been to church for over a year. They went to church on Sunday and their daughter got baptized on Saturday. I had the privilege to baptize her and it was a lovely experience. It is the Centron Family, we are trying really hard to help them with their family prayer and scripture study and help them develop that habit as a family so that they can take bigger steps and make church attendance a habit and have a temple marriage as one of their goals. 

We also had our district activity. It was Hermana Boley´s birthday (the blond with straight hair) and we celebrated playing soccer, ultimate frisbee and eating cake as a district. It was very fun and a good stress reliever for us as missionaries. 

I did 3 divisions this week to. One with our district leader, Elder MacDonald from Washington. Every thinks that he owns the McDonalds here in Paraguay. I also had one with the assistant, Elder Oscco, from good ol´Provo Utah, and then I had one with an Elder named, Elder Ward, from Idaho. HE ate three potatoes on the division haha.  The divisions are a good way to edify and encourage missionaries. I have done over 60 divisions in my mission with a ton of Elders here in this mission and I have learned a ton from every one of them. 

I love the mission. Words cant describe it. Every day I feel happier and happier. I have felt complete joy that I know can be even more fuller haha. I love this feeling of peace and I am afraid of losing it. I don't have a lot of time left and I am loving every second. The days are like minutes and the weeks days and the months are like weeks and before you know it, it´s done. In our mission leader meeting today with President Aggazani I learned the importance of giving everything you got and being consistent, diligent, and obedient in doing so. I love missionary work and it is not only something that missionaries can do, but also every member of the church. 

Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Jessop, my dad, and my best friend Cody turns 21. All three of them this Saturday. Hope that you all have a great birthday. Thinking of you Cody. You are turning 21 bro!! That is crazy. 

Love you all have a great week and thank you very much for your prayers and support.
Elder Jessop

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