Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10-27-14 - I Cant Think of a Creative Title for this E-mail

Well Hello my family and great friends! I hope that all is well. I just got a haircut and I feel like the Fresh Missionary of Paraguay. A lot of people see my companion and I here in Paraguay and they look at us very weirdly because we are both kinda tall, BLONDE, BLUE EYES, WHITE and dress in missionary attire. It is super fun to talk to them and invite them to get baptized and have a better life. I feel a ton of joy and peace when I do it with love and when the Holy Spirit is with me. 
The first thing that happened this week is that it is Watermelon season here in Paraguay and it turns out they love Watermelon just like I do!!! Something super cool happened. Here in Paraguay there are people that go house to house selling stuff, the thing is we are almost never home so we never have the opportunity to buy anything from everyone that comes to our house, but then there was Thursday. At about 12:30 in the afternoon (we had Weekly Planning) is when I heard the words leave from the mouth of a man with a microphone, a house, and a carriage full of watermelons say, "Sandia Sandia!! a 5 mil!". I sat for a second, looked to see if I had 5 mil guaranies, ran outside and bought a watermelon. It was a great day and that was my dinner a couple days later. So that's all for the watermelon story.

This week was very awesome!! We had interviews with our mission president this last Friday. The interview was very great and I learned the importance of sharing the gospel with everyone that I can so that they can get baptized and accept the restored gospel. Then on Sunday we had 5 investigators in church. I need to talk more often about our investigators haha. Here is one:
1. Luz Marina and Hugo: This is a mom and a son that we met contacting in the street and they have just moved in the area 8 months ago. They are very religious and are really interested in coming to church because they have been to a lot of churches but haven't found the peace they look for. I am grateful that the Lord led us to their house. The first thing we shared with them was the Restauración and the Book of Mormon. They love the Book of Mormon and went to church on Sunday. We are helping them to progress and they should be getting baptized 
2. Hermana Miñaro: She loves the Book of Mormon!! She reads it everyday and we are trying to help her get baptized, she just needs a little more support from the ward and from her family. She went to church on Sunday too.
3. Familia Centron: This is a family of members that we are trying to reactivate. They have some problems in their marriage and the gospel will bless them with everything that they need. They just need to augment their faith and go to church. They are an awesome family and we are working hard with them.
We have other investigators, but I am running out of time haha.
I have learned so much here in the mission and I'm so grateful to be here and learn, grow, and help others. I have learned the importance of service. Serving others so that I can serve my Lord. I am doing one of the biggest service projects of my life right now in being a missionary. I love it here and I love my God. I know that he lives and I know that he has established his church on the earth again. 
Love you all!!Have a great week.
Elder Jessop

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