Friday, October 10, 2014

9-29-14 Missionary Work in Paraguay‏

Hey everyone. Today my computer is a little faster and I'm able to write you all a better email. This week was awesome. Had its ups and downs, miracles and heartbreaks, but I learned a ton and I know that the Lords hands are in this work. 

Martes: We have some investigators that are really really close to being baptized. Deisy, Jose, Luz Maria, to name a few. Tuesday we had our district meetings and we were kind of stuck with what to do to help these people. We decided to fast as a district and that same night we went to Deisy's house. She is an investigador that is the granddaughter of a member and her mom is not a member. Her mom thinks that she is not old enough to make her own decisions, but we decided to go and watch the movie On The Way Home to show them how the gospel can help them in their lives. We went with a recent convert and had one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had in my mission and the mom of Deisy felt that her daughter needed to be baptized and gave her permission. We found this family teaching their neighbors and their neighbors told us to visit them. It has been a big miracle, but this work is the Lords work and he can give and take to help us learn something is what I learned Wednesday.

Miércoles: We went back to Deisy's house to do her baptism interview and she was not there. Her and her mom had gone to the hospital for something and her mom told us that she wasn't going to be able to get baptized this weekend. BROKE MY BIG OLD HEART. I learned in that moment the importance of trusting in God and knowing that it is him that makes the decisions and that I must be humble enough to accept them and follow his will in doing so. It is OK that she didn't get baptized on Friday, it is not the end. We still are working with faith and love and we are going to see what we can do to help. Like Always :).

Viernes: There were 2 other baptisms in the ward on Friday, One girl turned 8 and then the investigador of the other elders named Antonio. I sent a picture of him with the other elders. He is 11 and got baptized and his dad is less active who is finally coming back to church again. It was a miracle to see that. Super fun baptism, and really spiritual.

Saturday: We had a big activity on Saturday called Capilla Abierta. The sisters from our whole zone had to come and then 4 Elders from the ward where I'm working. There was a lot of participation. I tried to send a lot of pictures. Capilla Abierta is an activity that is based on the principals of missionary work and the importance of using members in the work. The goal was that the members could bring their friends to the activity and then we could teach them. There were several rooms that explained about the different organizations that the church has such as: Young men's, Young women's, Relief Society, etc. It was a 4 hour long activity and we received 59 referencias. That was super cool. I hope you enjoy the pictures because I sure did :D

Sunday: DEISY CAME TO CHURCH!!! with her grandma and little sister! It was super cool to see her and gave me a great feeling of peace to know that she came. It is in the Lords hands and she will get baptized when the Lord says that it is her time. We also had another investigator in church named Julieta. 

I have learned so much in my time here. I don't have much time left. My dad wrote me an email today and said that I have 7 and a half months left. WHAT THE!? Where did the time go. I can't explain with words the joy, peace, love and everything I have felt, learned and experienced here. Every second has been worth it. I can say that with the fullness of energy and love that my heart can give. The changes are next week and I will probably be leaving from here in San Lorenzo, but wherever the Lord sends me I will go. I love you all. Thank you for the support.

Elder Jessop

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