Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Been a Month‏ Already

Hey Everybody, I hope all is well. I've been here a month and it's gone by pretty fast in my opinion. The days are so long that I don't even remember them sometimes. I love it here though, it's been very fun. A lot of change has happened though. I'm in a new district now and I lost a companion because he got switched and my teacher left. I'm tired a lot because the days are so long.
Elder Katzenbach: Is no longer my companion. Now its just me and Elder Huntsman. Its really weird because we are still in the same room and district, but we are no longer companions. I don't have to wait for him or do anything with him, but we still have fun.
I can honestly barely even remember what happened last week. It just all kind of blends together.
I got a new district though. They separated us because there were to many people and not enough space on the computers, so we got switched. A lot of change has happened to me and my companion in particular.
I've only got two weeks left in this MTC and then I'm off to Paraguay.
Hannah Jessop: Hi twin of mine, today is June 20th. That means tomorrow is June 21st and you know what that means. It's your Birthday!!!  Yippee  Wa hooooooh. The big 19. You have almost been alive for 2 decades. Yea I hope you have a good one. You've spent 18 years sharing one with me, so now you are on your own sis. Keep working hard and studying. It will pay off big time. Any ways Love you sis. Virtual hug through the computer.
If you all might have been wondering it is my birthday tomorrow too. Big party going down at the MTC.... jk.
Update on the head injury: I just have a black eye now, A nice little shiner. Its like I got punched in the face by a guy on the street I was proselyting too. I didn't though, so don't worry. I did see one guy with a gun shooting things on the street though last Saturday. Like walls,cans and stuff. That was interesting, It was just a BB gun though. No worries.
I love you all and I'm thinking about you. Stay in touch. 
I know this church is true and I know that I'm here on this mission for a reason. I love serving and I love being a disciple for Jesus Christ. I know the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the word of God and they go hand and hand together in testifying of Christ. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and I know that there is a living prophet and apostles on the Earth today. I know that these things are true and that Christ lives and that his restored church is on the Earth today.
Elder Jessop

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