Friday, June 7, 2013

Greetings from Argentina, it has been a fun two weeks. Stressfull, but fun.

Flying By: This week has gone by pretty fast. A lot has been done with no time at all to do them, for example I only have an hour to write emails. Only an hour! (1) I feel like I need at least three. Everything is going well though
Missionaries, or Lack There of: This week a lot of missionaries left the MTC to go on the mission and we only had 36 kids left here and it was empty. There was literally nobody here and it was weird. We had 91 and now we have only 36. We get new ones today though and we will be back up to I think over 50 missionaries. It is definately not like the Provo MTC.
Companion Stories: My companion Elder Huntsman cut his hand on a hook and needed 35 to 40 sticthes which is ALOT. That dummy was just swinging on stuff and he caught a hook and thats about it. Speaking of my companions they really like to stay up and play games haha. We will be in bed at night and they just wont go to sleep, but they told me last night that they are going to go to bed on time every night now, which is GREAT!
No Sleep: I am tired all the time. I get like 7 and a half hours of sleep every night and we are in class like all day and I am always tired. I dont know how I have been staying awake in class, but I havent fallen asleep once and that is good.
Argentina is beautiful. There are dogs and cats everywhere. We actually feed a cat named gato and he comes to be fed every breakfast, lunch and dinner. He knows the times of the day that we eat and he is always there.
Ive cried a lot since I have been here. Like happy cry and for those of you who know me you all know that I cry, but it is really easy to cry because you feel so good.
Mckenna Smith: Congratulations on your mission call!!!!!!!!!!!! Billings, Montana I hear! That is so awesome. On one of the flights down here we met a companionship who served the first part of their missions in Billings and they absolutely loved it! You are going to love it and I wish you all the luck in the world! Love you girl.
Anyways I've got a lot to do today like iron shirts, clean my room, play soccer, and all that jazz. I hope to here from you all soon. Email or letters whatever it may be. Good luck on everything and I love you all.

Elder Jessop

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