Friday, January 23, 2015

1-5-15 Looking Back on the Week‏!!

Hello Family and Friends!!

This week went by just like every week, super duper fast. It is pretty amazing. Elder McFarland and I had some great triumphs and trials this week, but I have seen so many blessings and I am very grateful. Now on with the week.

Tuesday: Today it rained and it was awesome. I learned today the importance of making not only a good decision, but the best decision that there is. I should be willing to do what it takes so that I can receive the blessings of choosing the best decision. I can do that by following the path that the Lord wants me to follow because he knows what is best for me. I can learn what path he wants me to follow through the scriptures, ancient and modern prophets, my patriarchal blessing, and personal revelation. Every one of us has promised blessings waiting for us in the future, but some of us might not receive them if we don't make decisions that will lead us to those blessings. It is the best decision that I ever made when I decided to serve a mission. I have never been so blessed for this decision and I hope that I can keep making the best decisions of my life to receive the best blessings that I can from my Father in Heaven. 

Wednesday: Happy New Year!!! Today we had to go home at 7:30 due to safety purposes. It isn't like I was planing on staying up until 12 to see the fireworks haha. I went to bed at 10:30, like normal. I learned the importance of not letting a worldly desires take over my spiritual desires because if I do so then I will be subject to the worldly laws and will not be able to complete with Gods laws. Here in this area we literally have the best members ever! We have 9 return missionaries that are not even married yet. I don't know what they are doing with their lives but they are not married ;-). Then about 70 percent of the ward are return missionaries. It has the highest attendance rate in the whole mission which consists of over 60 churches. I have learned a lot here just in these few short weeks. We are leaving a lot with the members and hope to see a lot of success from it.

Thursday: Had a great lesson with one of our investigators named Vader. When I found out that his name was Vader, it made me think of Star Wars. I love Star Wars, but besides the point Vader is progressing and reading in the parts we leave him and we hope to baptize him in the coming weeks.

Friday: We had our Mission Ward Meeting and that was awesome. A lot of the mission is going to change pretty soon. 27 missionaries go home this change and 21 come. 15 go home next change and 28 go home in May and then my mission president finishes in June. The mission is undergoing a lot of changes and the goal of the Church is that each mission has about 200 missionaries and our mission has 230, but slowly it with go down to 200. President is calling a lot of new leaders so that they have experience when the new mission president comes. The mission has been the best experience of my life. There is a new mission plan that consists of: baptisms, retaining baptized members, and reactivating inactive members. That is what we are going to apply in the mission so that we can see more success than we have ever had. 

Saturday: Great Day. Nobody got baptized, but we are looking for those miracles really hard and we will find someone that is ready.

Sunday: Fast and Testimony meeting. always the best. I love church. I love God. I am very blessed.

I got my mission release papers today. I feel like I am dreaming. It is like the day you think will never come. I officially go home May 6th. It has been a fun ride and I still have a lot of time left to help people come unto Christ. Christ is everything. He is the light, the way, the truth. He is the savior of mankind. He is the only way by which all mankind may be saved.I love him and I know that he loves me. This new year I have a lot of goals and plans. I am so grateful for the support and love and I hope that you are all happy and have a great year.

Elder Jessop

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